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I should say I am somewhat "attached" to the innovative open source projects I use in my job. Besides Thinlet, a very lightweight and intuitive XUL framework that doesn't use Swing, AspectWerkz is the one I've been more actively involved for the last months. Its approach to some problems is unique and they have very nice features, such as their support for typed and untyped annotations, for...
on Sep 3, 2004
Not having the burden of managing transactions by yourself - a.k.a Container Managed Transactions, CMT for short - is a compelling reason for using EJBs. Obviously, EJB is not the only technology that gives you that, but that's a entirely different discussion. Back to the point, the fact you don't have to call any transaction management method neither in java.sql.Connection nor in any class...
on Dec 29, 2003
Previously, I have promoted JSTL as an easier way to code the web tier. While I haven't changed my mind about it, I have just come accross one of its pitfalls yesterday, a few minutes after writing a blog entry about grid computing. Have you ever been in a situation code that looked impossible to be incorrect actually was incorrect? Well, it happens in many occasions, generally in the most...
on Nov 27, 2003