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Here are some quotes from a recent report by Forrester Wave on the "Application Server Platforms" Among major vendors, Sun Microsystems Inc., has dramatically improved its standing in this year's evaluation of applications servers for service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM) by Forrester Research Inc. Sun trailed the field in Forrester's 2004...
on Aug 13, 2007
Eclipse 3.3 (codename Europa) was released earlier today. As mentioned earlier, we have an exciting news for GlassFish developers! Starting today, Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers has the capability to register GlassFish V1, V2 and V3 containers from within the IDE. It supports web application directory deployment and has a fully integrated debugger.  Ludo published...
on Jun 29, 2007
As reported earlier, Eclipse Europa was scheduled to launch at Jun 29th, 6am PT. I decided to get up early (I'm a morning person anyway) and watch the countdown. And it was indeed a countdown on At 6:10am PT, Europa went live! Congratulations to the Eclipse community for yet another timed release. Europa has a download targeted for Java EE developers It seems like all the...
on Jun 29, 2007
Eclipse Europa is launching tomorrow and we have an exciting news for you. Stay tuned ... Technorati: glassfish eclipse europa
on Jun 28, 2007
A lively discussion happened on GlassFish Forums where a user asked for pros/cons for GlassFish vs JBoss. A community user explained his reasons to choose GlassFish over JBoss. Here are they key points: Admin GUI and CLI alone are true differentiators. Java EE5 with EJB3 is much better to work with and GlassFish is JavaEE5 compatible, of course it's the Reference Implementation as well....
on Jun 25, 2007
Two more days remaining and you could be the lucky winner of this 52" LCD HD TV. Here is what you need to do: Download and install Java EE 5 SDK Update3 Preview or GlassFish v2 Try it's new and exciting features Blog about it and provide a link to your blog. There are lots of cool and exciting features (Clustering, Load Balancing, Web Services...
on Jun 13, 2007
A recent article from Sun provides you the history, the current state and future direction of GlassFish. Hopefully, you'll find answers to the following questions: What is GlassFish ? How it has evolved ? Is GlassFish just a reference implementation ? Can it be used in production ? Isn't it just a Sun project ? Can I buy support for GlassFish ? What kind of Performance can I expect...
on Jun 12, 2007