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Composite components are a great feature of JSF 2.0. The canonical example is a login component with fields for the username and password: <mylib:login name="#{}"      password="#{user.password}"      loginAction="#{user.login}"/> This has been well explained elsewhere....
on Jan 30, 2010
A few weeks ago, Ed Burns posted a link to a blog on the JSF expert group mailing list, commenting “A nice one, but it doesn't mention JSF 2”. Ever the curmudgeon, I pointed out that it wasn't so nice that the blog's sample code used the JSF API in beans when it wasn't necessary—as does in fact a lot of sample code, even in the official Sun tutorials. Ed's response: “Cay,...
on Jan 3, 2010
As I happily wrote about new features of JSF 2.0, my coauthor David Geary kept asking me how to run the examples in Tomcat 6. I kept putting it off—hunting down all those JAR files and web.xml fragments is just too much like eating soup with a fork. I finally got around to doing the research and thought that others might benefit from the (unhappy) results, if only to realize that this may...
on Dec 29, 2009
Java EE 6 makes it pretty straightforward to crunch out a basic web + database application. This semester, my software engineering class is building web apps, and I decided it is simpler to have them use JSF + JPA in Glassfish v3 rather than some technology that seems easy at first and then lets them down. Here is a laundry list of recent simplifications. Author JSF pages as facelets: XHTML +...
on Feb 2, 2009
JSF2 will provide a standard mechanism for adding AJAX capabilities to JSF applications. Jim Driscoll has this example, but it is a bit odd—the property getter is actually a mutator. Here is a more run-of-the-mill example. The code is at the Kenai site for the upcoming Core JSF 3rd edition in the ch01/login-ajax directory. I used Eclipse with the Glassfish v3 plugin and the most current...
on Jan 21, 2009
There are several blogs that tell you how to do fancy things with the upcoming JSF 2 (such as these by Ryan Lubke and Jim Driscoll). In this blog, I look at the other side of the coin—how the simplest things are working out. After all, if Ruby on Rails has taught us anything, it is that a technology that makes the simple things simple has a great shot at getting developer mindshare. In...
on Dec 18, 2008
In my software engineering course, I assign readings from a SafariU bookshelf. Having read the delightful book My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student, I realized that I needed a mechanism for checking that they actually did the reading. At the beginning of each class meeting, I give a 5 minute quiz, and then we all look at the answers: I wrote a...
on Sep 8, 2006
I am getting ready for the fall semester. My software engineering students will be using GlassFish for their projects. In order to avoid the "but it worked on my computer" syndrome, I make them deploy their apps on a server in my office. I just installed Ubuntu Server Edition. These instructions got me started with the Linux basics. This blog has the (not so) gory details for...
on Jul 18, 2006
JPA is the new object-relational mapping standard that you can use in EJB3 or in standalone applications. For the most part, it is phenomenally easy to use. But ever so often, you get a query from a developer such as this one. The programmer set up a bidirectional relationship and didn't populate both sides.            ...
on Jul 2, 2006
Readers of my blog know about Elvis, the Microsoft persona of the programmer who is neither Einstein nor the point-and-click/drag-and-drop "just give me a wizard" Mort. Elvis wants to use EJB 3 because the annotations make it easy, but he is a bit taken aback by the jargon. I am working on a glossary that gives both the official definition of various terms (starting with...
on Jun 25, 2006