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The Bean Validation specification went final around the same time that the Java EE 6 specifications went final. The Java Persistence 2.0 specification allows for Managed classes (entities, mapped superclasses and embeddable classes) to be configured with Bean Validation constraints. In this example we are going to use Eclipse Galileo which you can download and then install from here. You will...
on May 6, 2010


One of the many cool new features in Java EE 6, is support for the DataSourceDefinition annotation. The DataSourceDefinition annotation provides a way to define a DataSource and register it with JNDI. The annotation provided annotation elements for the commonly used DataSource properties. Additional standard and vendor specific properties may also be specified. So let us look at an example: @...
on Dec 10, 2009


The following is the current list of available JDBC 4.0 drivers: Java DB/Apache Derby MYSQL Connector/J 5.1 Oracle 11g inet software for Microsoft SQL Server(Merlia driver) and for Oracle (Oranxo driver). Atinav aveConnect 4.0 for Microsoft SQL Server DataDirect 3.7 has also introduced some JDBC 4.0 features
on Sep 18, 2007
Java DB, Sun's supported distribution of Apache Derby, has been upgraded from Java DB which was bundled with Glassfish V1, to Java DB 10.2.2. The new release of Java DB includes many new features and improvements including: JDBC 4.0 Support Improved on-line backup support Support for Scrollable and Updatable ResultSets Grant and Revoke Support a $JAVADB_HOME/bin directory with easier to...
on Sep 17, 2007
Untitled Document I created a simple Java Persistence API application using Toplink Essentials which runs like a champ from NetBeans and from the command line. So I figure, great, I will spice up the example a little more and use Java Web Start (yes I am a rookie to Java Web Start, so be gentle!) and I whip up a simple jnlp file JPAWebStart.bad.jnlp: <?xml version="1.0...
on Jun 15, 2007
Well, we have made it. Java SE 6 and JDBC 4.0 are now final and have been released. It has been an interesting and rewarding adventure! Java SE 6 SDK bundles Java DB which provides a JDBC 4.0 driver. I suspect we will see quite a few JDBC 4.0 drivers soon and I will update this blog with the latest info. JDBC 4.0 brings many new features such as improved LOB support, SQL XML data type support...
on Dec 11, 2006
Since the public draft of the JDBC spec, the JDBC EG has reworked the SQLXML interface completely providing for more flexibility. The new version of the interface will be available in the Java SE 6 upcoming beta and should also be available in the current nightly builds. The SQLXML interface provides methods for accessing the XML data in a datasource as a String, a Reader or Writer, or as a...
on May 2, 2006
The RowID interface was added to JDBC 4.0 in order to support the ROWID datatype which is supported by databases such as Oracle and DB2. A ROWID may be thought of as the address for a given row within a table and maybe be considered either logical or physical depending on the underlying data source. The lifetime of a RowId object may be valid as long as the row is not deleted and the lifetime of...
on Mar 10, 2006
The Wrapper interface provides a mechanism for JDBC users to be able to access an instance of a resource which has been wrapped for architectural reasons. This mechanism helps to eliminate the need to use non-standard means to access vendor specific resources. The following JDBC interfaces are subinterfaces of the Wrapper interface: java.sql.Connection java.sql.DatabaseMetaData java.sql....
on Feb 23, 2006
The following enhancements were made in JDBC 4.0 in order to provide a better developer's experience when dealing with SQLExceptions: Support for causal relationships For-each loop support New SQLException sub-classes Causal Relationship Support We have added support for the Java SE chained exception mechanism by adding additional constructors allowing for the cause to be specified. The...
on Feb 21, 2006
JDBC 4.0 has just completed public draft review and the EG is working on closing the last few issues. One of the interfaces that I expect to change signficantly is the SQLXML interface. Here is a list of the major features being added to JDBC 4: ROWID Support National Character Set Support Additional SQLException sub classes Improved Blob/Clob support SQL XML support Ease of Development...
on Feb 17, 2006
Brian Leonard has a nice article which shows you how to capture the ddl for a table in pointbase and create the same table in Derby using Netbeans 5.0. Another option for doing this is by using the commander tool and the 'unload database' command: ./startcommander.shDo you wish to create a new Database. (Yes (Y) or No (N))? [default: N]: Enter product to connect with: (Embedded (E) or Server (S...
on Feb 6, 2006
The latest draft can be downloaded from here. We look forward to your feedback.
on Oct 12, 2005
Features included in the JDBC 4.0 EDR are: Ease of Development features intended to assist in reducing the coding burden and maintenance responsibilities of the developer Automatic loading of java.sql.Driver implementations SQL2003 XML data type Support ROWID data type Support National Character Set Conversion Support Enhanced Blob and Clob support SQLException enhancements including J2SE...
on Jun 10, 2005
A Beta release of Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8 2004Q4 has been made available. You can download the software from the J2EE 1.4 download page . If you have questions while using the product, you can post your issues to the J2EE SDK forum. Also if you are interested in joining the Beta program, please refer to the following page for additional information.
on Sep 21, 2004