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Background Apart from showing quite an example of easy enhancement of JSF-based web application as discussed earlier in "Extending the NetBeans Tutorial JSF-JPA-Hibernate Application, Part 1 - Co-ordinating Query Views Based on Parameter Passing from JSF View to Managed Bean", the NetBeans tutorial JSF-JPA-Hibernate application created ('SimpleJpaHibernateApp') can also be easily...
on Jun 27, 2007
Background The NetBeans tutorial "Using Hibernate With the Java Persistence API" nicely demonstrates, by using the NetBeans IDE, easy construction of : Java Persistence API (JPA) entity classes from given database schema (using NetBeans IDE bundled 'sample' database) JavaServer Faces (JSF) CRUD application (on the 'sample' database) using JPA and entity classes generated above The...
on Jun 13, 2007
My colleagues Paul Cheung, Luis-Miguel Alventosa and myself together developed, and presented for, this year's JavaOne Hands-On Lab (HOL) 1420 on "Non-instrusive Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Java Applications using Java Management Extension (JMX), JConsole and Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)" at Moscone Center, San Francisco. This lab session consists of two main parts :...
on May 19, 2007
JavaChina2005 was a Java developer conference organised by Sun Microsystems in 9 major cities throughout China with total of more than 9,000 attendee registrations. I am glad to one of JavaChina2005 technical session speakers on :   "Upgrading and Migrating pre-J2EE-1.4 Applications to J2EE-1.4" "Monitoring J2EE 1.4 Applications" I was also one of the technical session...
on May 18, 2007
Welcome to Max Poon's blog - on JavaEE application development, deployment, monitoring and management, and other topics. Hope you'll find items here informative and useful.
on May 18, 2007