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After the magical dust of JavaOne has settled the reality is reappearing and we can start thinking about the results. Especially Sun's announcement (beside buying my current employer) of open-sourcing their application server was a hot topic here even though I did not quite trust all the fuss around it. Now over the long weekend I had time to figure out what happened and the result, quite...
on Jul 5, 2005
In JCA 1.5 Inbound Connection (IC) is added allowing developers to invoke Message Driven Beans (MBD) with other types of messages than JMS like emails, files etc. When a MDB is deployed using an IC the application server is calling endpointActivation() on the Resource Adapter (RA). This is the point when a RA can start sending messages to the MDB. The application server is providing a Message...
on Sep 9, 2004
Since over a year I am thinking about the next generation Application Server that takes the route of JBoss as an flexible J2EE based server and just go through with it and make everything generic. In this server everything is deployable like Containers, Services (as of Transaction, Security, Persistence, Pooling etc) and Applications. The application server specification is replaced by a...
on Feb 25, 2004
As Simon Brown pointed out the J2EE specification restrict you to access files on the file system but sometimes you have to and then you need to control the damage by keeping the breach of the specification local and not to spread it all over your code. Being confronted with this question just recently I came up with these
on Oct 9, 2003