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Struts is a very mature framework. Some may think it is old fashioned or not so cool kid on the block, but like it or not, it is a force to reckon with. If I were running a business requiring a solid web infrastructure, I would bet on Struts. After all, the bottomline for the business is project success and not playing with cool bleeding edge framework. (That's the passion for us, developers)....
on Apr 4, 2005
Logging with Log4J is simple and seems to be trivial and doesn't warrant a blog. However Logging in enterprise projects raises interesting requirements and possibilities. The first question is where do you put your Logging library. With JDK Logging, you pretty much have no choice. It is always located in the classpath and loaded by bootstrap classloader, the mother of all class loaders. Log4J...
on Jun 2, 2004
Imagine you entered a retail outlet to shop that just says “OPEN”. Now what is your reaction if something suddenly throws you out of the shop – No reasons given. And then you find the retail outlet with a sign “CLOSED”. You will be frustrated won’t you? You'd expect that the outlet lets you shop now that you have entered it before the "CLOSED" sign is put up. right...
on May 13, 2004
Entity EJB sends shiver down my spines, I have to admit. Recently, I had to evaluate Entity EJBs (2.0) for a client of mine. I have had used propretiory Entity EJB extensions to implement persistence in enterpise applications, but the standard and portable Entity EJB of today is still dispappointing and no way a serious candidate. The immaturity of EJB-QL alone was enough to convince me that...
on Apr 8, 2004
Imagine a Struts 1.0 world where an ActionForm was absolutely needed even for prototyping an HTML form in JSP using Struts custom tags. Things were good until the separation of concern came into picture. In real life projects, different people play different roles. Application developers have the responsibility of developing Java code and page authors would exclusively prototype the page and its...
on Jan 29, 2004