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The Servlet specification provides a really elegant mechanism for packaging up a whole website in to a single WAR file and deploying that file as a website. Multiple websites can be mapped to different domain name prefixes, such as '' versus ''. This blog explains a hack to map the domain prefix to a sub directory of the same web application. Why...
on Feb 19, 2008
This code as been shown many times before, including in my book. This is exactly what the title says: a JSP that will display the request headers sent by your browser. It is also a good example of how to use the JSP EL and the JSTL core tags to make an incredibly simple JSP. Here is the code. Simply copy and paste it in to a JSP, ideally one that you are editing in Netbeans. You must have the...
on Jul 3, 2006
I met Fred and John and they asked about doing clever image manipulation on the client-side, but without requiring the client to run anything but a web browser. It seemed like doing a few tricks with ImageIO on the server-side would solve the problem, and it'd eliminate the piles of JScript they had been working on. Here is the code so that others can easily write servlets that manipulate and...
on May 27, 2005
I think I've decided that custom tags aren't worth your time. Certainly 'classic' custom tags, pre JSP 2.0, are ridicuously hard to use regardless of if you'd actually want to use them. I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about custom tags in general. Simple tags, .tag files, and the whole custom tag mechanism. We have the JSTL, which includes a few helpful tags that take care of iteration,...
on May 23, 2005
Why is it that the first servlet people teach is one that produces static content? HelloWorld.html is appropriate. is silly. The more JSP/Servlets I do, the more frustrated I get when I see others do a mediocre job of introducing the important concepts. Sure it is important to teach that code goes in WEB-INF/classes and all the other beginner's stuff, but it certainly doesn't...
on May 23, 2005
Thanks for letting us to use and download your book "Servlets and JavaServer Pages: The J2EE Technology Web Tier", that is on I am wondering, if its free, why the print option is turned off in the pdf file? It is prohibited to print it? Hope you can answer me on this issue? You are welcome! I almost completely forgot that the book is free if you register over at the...
on Jan 19, 2005
Here is a reply to a really common question. What are the things I should keep in mind when making a secure website? This particular question was from a person who was considering using Java or Python, but the important stuff really doesn't rely on a particular programming language. If you are green, take a peek. If you know your stuff, fill in what I missed. You'll note my answer hints at Linux+...
on Nov 22, 2004
Hi, I'm a young java programmer(for now) and on the brink of writing my SCJP1.4 exam I want to be a Java Developer(J2EE) more than anything else. I've picked up REALLY REALLY bad coding conventions and norms along my path to Java-enlightenment and I would like to know from YOU, what could I do to turn this around and become a precision Java Developer, Are there Rules and Guidelines (in ENGLISH)...
on Jan 27, 2004
Hi Jayson, Are you aware that the source-code for isn't available on-line? How can I get a copy? I get asked the above question almost daily, and people are fairly asking it. The short answer is And if is replaced with, the answer is The reason I posted this on...
on Jan 25, 2004
Blogging, the shameless method of displaying ones opinions on the net. It makes a person feel important, authoritative, as if the whole world is taking the time to read what they write. I don't like blogs. I fail to see them as much more than another time-leaching distraction on the web. Sure, sometimes you will find a gem or two, but overall it is just another quick information fix for us net...
on Oct 8, 2003