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I would like to get feedbacks about application-scoped and module-scoped resource/EJB references (in java:comp/env) which are being discussed in Java EE 6 JSR. As you know, when we define simple environment entries or refer to data sources or EJBs we need to specify java:comp/env ENC(Environment Naming Context) entries like below.     <env-entry>   ...
on Jun 5, 2008
Recently I've implemented two minor but useful features for TopLink Essentials(TLE) v2 b54(or GlassFish v2 b54). One is the category-specific logging level configuration[1] which is useful for who want to see only SQL logs and the other is the cascade refresh query hint[2] which control the cascade scope of the refresh query dynamically. Let's see what these are... Category-specific logging...
on Jul 6, 2007
TopLink Essentials 2.0? TopLink Essentials(GlassFish JPA implementation) now come to have a new version 2.0. But, don't be surprised, this is just versioning change from 9.1. TopLink Essentials 2.0 and 9.1 are the same version. Originally TopLink Essentials had a version like 9.0(GlassFish v1), 9.1(GlassFish v2) after the version of Sun Java System Application Server. Since TopLink Essentials is...
on Feb 17, 2007
JMS provides powerful asynchronous communication, but it is message-oriented and doesn't support InputStream/OutputStream at all. So it is nearly impossible to send a large file without loading it on memory. How can we acheive this? Let me talk an enhancement of JMS for this issue. ActiveMQ provides InputStream/OutputStream extension on JMS Connection. And MantaRay JMS also supports similar...
on Nov 15, 2006
In Java Persistence API, Embeddable class is used to represent composite primary key or share common columns between entities. But when sharing Embeddable classes, you should be cautious whether its fields or properties are mapped to the database due to the unclear spec. I will introduce the supplementary rules to the spec which is implemented in GlassFish(TopLink Essentials). First, guess what...
on Oct 16, 2006
Previously I bloged about How to use Java Logger in Java SE mode - a workaround to change logger type. But the workaround is no more needed. GlassFish v2(from b17) implemented a new feature - the configuration for logger type for this. It's very easy to use Java logger in Java SE mode, just add following property to persistence.xml.   <property name="toplink.logging....
on Sep 22, 2006
Introduction The hype of JPA has slowed down and time has come to apply this to real applications. To use JPA properly knowing JPA spec is not enough because JPA spec doesn't cover all aspects and the behaviour can be a little bit different in persistence providers. Especially 2nd-level cache is the one. Which is not covered by JPA spec, but most providers provides it. To increase performance...
on Sep 7, 2006
TopLink Essentials(GlassFish JPA RI) can be used also in Java SE mode as you know. I will talk about how to change the default logger to java logger in this article. When you use TopLink in Java SE, you see following log messages generated by a default logger. [TopLink Info]: 2006.09.06 05:03:05.221--ServerSession(24529889)--Thread(Thread[main,5,main])--TopLink, version: Oracle TopLink...
on Sep 6, 2006