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This week's title sort of sounds like cowboy-bepop episode, doesn't it? It's tuesday following labor-day and the world seems to be spinning up to work pace again slowly for me. It doesn't help that I'm off to NYC Friday for a week making this a very short week. But here's the week's updates DEVELOPER'S JOURNAL We're still gearing back up into the game server development. Around that we are...
on Sep 7, 2004
Hey Guys and Gals! I'm back after an extended absence and I am going to try to hit once a week blogging again. They may not be as well thought out and structured as the essays I've done in the past but I hope to at least keep them interesting. As part of this I am beginning a disorganized developer's journal this week. So having said that, lets dive right in...... DEVELOPER'S JOURNAL I have two...
on Aug 30, 2004
History is made of this... Another week, another games ramble. The history of computer games can be viewed a myriad of different ways. For me, the big “historical events” have been the growth of new genres. Once a genre is established it will get worked in every possible manner but to me those have always been the boring details. I find DOOM far more interesting a phenomenon then...
on Apr 27, 2004
This week's Blog is gonna be a ramble. I hope at least its a fun one. Things that go BOOM! Well I've been playing for about a week in the City of Heroes beta. I'm not wrong often, but when I am I do my best to own it. I've described this in the past as “The Greatest Game That Will Never Ship.” I was wrong. Its simple, but done, and will be going live on the 28th. Whether it...
on Apr 20, 2004
In AT's interesting Blog "You Can Make Real Games In Java!!! Yeah... But So What?" he raises a lot of interesting questions. What I don't entirely agree with though are his answers: "Problem is, as far as these guys are concerned, anything we can do in Java, they can do in C++. And they already know how to write games in C++, so proving equivelant (sic) capability is no real argument at all." By...
on Apr 13, 2004