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So, I just got a new Tapwave Zodiac. If you have seen one, it's a pretty cool PDA right? Convinced my wife that I needed it for work. After all it runs Palm OS 5.2T (for Tapwave), has 128MB of RAM, 2 SD slots (1 SDIO), Bluetooth, etc. Everything that the working man/woman on the go needs to keep track of appointments, to do lists, and notes. All of the exciting and important stuff. Oh yeah...
on Feb 5, 2004
Happy New Year! After a much needed holiday break, and an excessive amount of gaming (2:30am chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and diet Cherry Coke to keep the gaming energy going) I am fired up and make this resolution: regular blogging. Yes, I know that things have been quiet on the gaming front, but no more! So, with the first blog of the new year, let's tackle some holiday gaming, outlooks...
on Jan 6, 2004
Ever get that feeling? The glitch in the Matrix? The feeling of Deja-vu that is just so strong you can't shake it from the front of your brain? After finishing the new book, The Masters of Doom, the story of how John Romero and John Carmack (Surgeon John and Engine John) started id Software, defined the First Person Shooter (FPS) and changed the game industry forever, I get the feeling that...
on Aug 1, 2003