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Keynote: Spontaneous Brilliance, by Kat Koppett Kat described aspects of improv, and how it can be used to create an environment where brilliance emerges. The first rule - celebrating failure. "Exercise the courage muscle - our willingness to be creative and take risks. We don't do it by creating a safe environment, we do it by creating an incredibly risky environment." "Celebrate failure and...
on Oct 14, 2006
I know I said "day 3 of 4", but I actually need to add a couple more things about day 2. In addition to his keynote speech, Bernie DeKoven was recognized for his contributions with the Ifill-Reynolds Award, which NASAGA bestows on someone each year. In the evening activity of day 2, I joined the group playing STARPOWER, a simulation by Garry Shirts. This game has you split into three groups and...
on Oct 14, 2006
NASAGA - the North American Simulation and Games Association - is a group consisting mostly of trainers and facilitators who use games and simulations in their training. They're having their conference in Vancouver BC this week - and it's lovely here. (The only problem is - the conference has been so busy I've only been outside 2 hours.) A lot of the fun at a conference is reviving old...
on Oct 13, 2006
The Origins game conference is June 29th - July 2, 2006, in Columbus, Ohio. There's almost nothing in the way of electronic games, but there are many sessions and seminars on other types of games. I pulled down the spreadsheet schedule and it had something like 3600 events on it. There's a huge vendor area as well. It's a bargain - only $50 for pre-registration, $60 at the door. I think some...
on Apr 21, 2006
I was at the NASAGA conference, and posted this quick report (onto the NASAGA list). It's always nice to start by running into old friends & making some new ones. Then I get into my fundamental problem I - there's so much going on, it's hard to choose what to do. Wednesday Wednesday, Les Lauber and I hosted a workshop on "rapid game remodeling." We had a small group, but a good time. We...
on Oct 10, 2005
The "North American Simulation and Games Association" (NASAGA) is having their annual conference October 5-8 in Manchester, NH, USA. This group is mostly made up of people who use simulations and games as instructional tools. This is one of my favorite conferences. Disclaimer: I'm a board member, and I'll be co-leading a pre-conference workshop ("Rapid Game Remodeling", with Les Lauber). But...
on Aug 23, 2005
National Games Week is Nov. 20-26, 2005. See Yes, it's an event focused on non-electronic games, but those still have a lot to teach us about interaction and play.
on Jun 16, 2005
I love when somebody just digs in and shows the possibilities. Berbank Green has an article at gamasutra showing what you can do with just one button: Just think of the possibilites if you have two buttons! :)
on Jun 13, 2005
Kent Beck's workshop was a chance to spend a few days programming and thinking about programming. We used "games" as the vehicle. That worked well enough - you can get the feel of a game without having to develop it all the way out. In the evenings, we were on our own to do some writing and exercises in thinking about software. The first couple days, we focused on creating a crossword puzzle...
on Feb 7, 2005
The Origins '05 "International Game Expo" is June 30-July 3, 2005. It's described at I went last year and had a great time. (Not sure if I'll make this year or not.) The place is huge (several large gaming rooms that seemed 100 yards long), with just about every type of game you can think of. (There's not a whole lot of electronic stuff; more board/card games, wargames,...
on Jan 12, 2005
I ran across an interesting article on the design of the game Cranium.
on Dec 7, 2004
NASAGA is the North American Simulation and Games Association, held in Washington, DC, Nov. 3-6. The games under discussion are mostly for teaching and facilitation more than pure "fun." Nov. 3 "High Performance Teamwork," by Thiagi et al. This session used the commercial game Break the Safe (TM Mattel) as a vehicle for looking at a team's ability to work together. "Break the Safe" is a...
on Dec 6, 2004
This is my first blog post, so let me start with a brief introduction. I teach and coach in agile software methods. My use of Java in the last couple years has mostly been as a tool for teaching and learning about refactoring. Before that, I was mostly doing web and server-side Java work. ----- Last week, I was lucky to be able to attend the NASAGA conference; NASAGA is the North American...
on Oct 26, 2003