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VisualLangLab now has a Java7 (JDK7) grammar!  Read on to find out how you can use the grammar to locate usages of the new Java7 (project coin) language features in the source-code of the Oracle JDK 7u3 itself. If you are new to VisualLangLab (an easy-to-learn-and-use parser-generator) condsider reading the tutorial A Quick Tour. Java7 (JDK7) Grammar Specification The Java7 (JDK7)...
on Mar 3, 2012
I've been working for a number of years now in the NSLS-II Control System group, creating tools that hook up to the control system. What I do is soft-real time stuff (I can drop data on the floor, I don't have hard latency requirements, etc.) mostly dealing with writing clients to display the data and let operator interact with the control system. In these conditions, you have have to think...
on Feb 15, 2012
I am very pleased to announce the release of SwingX 1.6.3.  While the release notes contain many fixes, I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the major changes. First and foremost, we have more fully adopted Maven.  The project is now a collection of smaller modules. This will make it easier for clients to use only the pieces of SwingX that they need or want.  To enable us...
on Feb 2, 2012


I blog this, because shocked with Oracle's Corporate Fair new "program" in our area, Asia Pasific, and feel that our 12 years work is like never seen. Strange what Oracle doing in headquarter, and why all the Sun report from pre-acquzition never come to his office.. I am glad somone can send this blog to him. and change his "status" of this country, Indonesia to a better place...
on Mar 2, 2012
    Nowadays the Enterprise applications beyond persist String and number also can save file. Persist this information is very interesting, for example, a civil process there are information about the process (name of author, date, number of protocol) and the document which represents, or a twett with an image. In Apache Cassandra, you can save file, but for large file you should use...
on Feb 1, 2012


Sometimes we use caches for speeding up by alleviating database load. And the Memcached is the bestknown in-memory key-value store(cache). For using Memcached, you need clients and many clients already exist. You can also find Memcached clients based on Java. Though there are already good Memcached clients which have optimized Memcached operations a long time, I would like to introduce...
on Mar 2, 2012


Thursday March 1, 2012 Table of Contents 1 8:50am Democratization of Data Platforms, Jonathan Gosier (metaLayer Inc.) 2 9:05am 5 Big Questions about Big Data, Luke Lonergan (Greenplum, a division of EMC) 3 9:15am The Trouble with Taste, Coco Krumme (MIT Media Lab) 4 9:25am Embrace the Chaos, Pete Warden (Jetpac) 5 9:35am Open Data and the Internet of Things, Usman Haque ( 6...
on Mar 1, 2012
Wednesday February 29, 2012 Table of Contents 1 8:50am The Apache Hadoop Ecosystem Doug Cutting (Cloudera) 2 9:00am Do We Have The Tools We Need To Navigate The New World Of Data? Dave Campbell (Microsoft) 3 9:10am Decoding the Great American ZIP myth Abhishek Mehta (Tresata) 4 9:20am Guns, Drugs and Oil: Attacking Big Problems with Big Data Mike Olson (Cloudera) 5 9:30am Machine...
on Feb 29, 2012
Tuesday February 28, 2012 Table of Contents 1 9:00am Large Scale Web Mining, Ken Krulgler, Scale Unlimited 2 1:30pm Hands-on Visualization with Tableau, Jock Mackinlay, Ross Perez, Tableau Software 3 5:30pm Get connected 4 7:00pm Strata Mini Maker Faire & Data Crush 1 9:00am Large Scale Web Mining, Ken Krulgler, Scale Unlimited @kkrugler slides Large scale...
on Feb 28, 2012


We all know the standard Fibonacci recursive algorithm:   public BigInteger f(int n) {    if (n == 0) return BigInteger.ZERO;    if (n == 1) return BigInteger.ONE;    return f(n - 1).add(f(n - 2));  } Your challenge is to find the first 10 bytes and the last 10 bytes of f(1_000_000_000). That's right, fibonacci of one billion. Please post...
on Feb 24, 2012
I like a good Java puzzle.  The trickier the better.  In this article I will tell you about a new set of puzzles by Wouter Coekaerts that will melt your Java brain. About five years ago, I was suckered into participating in a Java Black Belt competition at a Java Tech Days in London.  This was in the days before Her Royal Highness decided she had had enough South African visitors...
on Feb 16, 2012
Welcome to the 198th issue of The Java(tm) Specialists' Newsletter sent to you from Chania in Greece. My readers in colder climates frequently get annoyed when I tell them that "life's a beach". They imagine us having constant sun here. It's not true. We do sometimes have torrential rains and cold weather. It even snows here occasionally. In fact, the delivery...
on Feb 14, 2012
In this article we coax the JVM's Rhino (an elusive, misunderstood, and ignored member of the ecosystem) into a mind meld, giving it access to the JVM's thoughts, experiences, memories, and knowledge; and take it where no Rhino has gone before ! Let me set the context with some quick code: ScriptEngineManager sem = new ScriptEngineManager(); ScriptEngine jsEngine = sem.getEngineByName("...
on Jan 25, 2012


Java VM has a standard option called -verbose as shown by java -help:     -verbose[:class|gc|jni]                  enable verbose output To diagnose class loading issues, you need to specify -verbose:class. It's straight forward to use if you are launching the Java process yourself. How does a...
on Feb 23, 2012


                 Easy-Cassandra is a framework ORM API and a high client for Apache Cassandra in java, with this is possible persist information from the Java Object in easy way. For this is only necessary add some annotations in some fields and your class. It works like an abstraction's tier in the Thrift, doing call for Cassandra. The Easy-Cassandra...
on Feb 21, 2012


The problems that are related to the application context might be invisible from the outside of the Swing core libraries, but it has been a big deal for the Swing toolkit developers. Every time when you create a mutable static field in a Swing class you potentially introduce a security whole. It is quite surprising that an ordinary pattern of the Java language becomes a problem. To understand...
on Feb 9, 2012


This article has the main objective show a little example for persist information in Cassandra using java. For demonstrated the persistence with Cassandra will used the Easy-Cassandra, a framework open source for use this SGBG in an easy mode.   @ColumnFamilyValue(nome = "person")// public class Person implements Serializable {   private static final long...
on Jan 24, 2012
From 1995, when was launched the first Java's version, to 2012 the Java evolute obtained seven versions, many improvements and fixes bugs. In 2011 the biggest “boom” in the java world was about the openjdk recently it's grew in exponential way, but there are some myths arount it, for example, some people know the openjdk like “poor brother” of SUN's JDK (actually Oracle...
on Jan 17, 2012


I think that Maven is a great tool for development. But it can be used for more. For instance, I've just prepared things so that starting from a clean room you can try out my lightweight CMS, NorthernWind, by just invoking a couple of commands. They will install and run NorthernWind, an embedded server and an example site. More information at the NorthernWind blog.
on Jan 23, 2012

Open Source

It's been two years since I posted here last, but life has been busy with open source all the same. Having helped a startup with their open source thinking, I'm now independent again and contributing much of my time to the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and to The Document Foundation (TDF), as well as offering open source policy and practice consulting. That first association with OSI is...
on Jan 23, 2012