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I chatted briefly with consultant Anton Epple (@monacotoni) at JavaOne 2012 on the topic "Java/JVM technologies and your involvement in them": Kevin: What's great that's happened recently? Anton: JavaFX Canvas and NetBeans Project EASEL Kevin: What are you working on right now that's exciting? Anton: Angry Nerds for JavaFX Kevin: Some months from now I hope/plan to: Anton: Release a nice...
on Oct 1, 2012
I chatted briefly with Sven Reimers at JavaOne 2012 on the topic "Java/JVM technologies and your involvement in them": Kevin: What's great that's happened recently? Sven Reimers: JavaFX running on Raspberry Pi! Kevin: What are you working on right now that's exciting? Sven Reimers: FX UI for NetBeans Platform Kevin: Some months from now I hope/plan to: Sven Reimers: Release FX UI for...
on Oct 1, 2012

Web Design

Kirill Grouchnikov recently published Design, uninterrupted #16: Today’s post highlights the design of, the personal website of Jen Germann. An interesting color scheme uses dark melanzane for background, light gray for main text, light blue for section headers and sunset orange for links; the orange color is also used in the main logo and two separators. The main section uses Cufon...
on Apr 21, 2010


On his home site, Jeff Friesen, author of 21 articles, has posted an interesting little article titled Comic Books and Java. In the article, Jeff presents a Java application that reads and displays digitized comic books. In the article, Jeff explains the standard format in which comic books are digitized (a .cbz zipped file and a .cbr RAR archive file). Jeff then walks through his...
on Feb 24, 2010

Web Services and XML

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics web site includes a nice little JavaFX Olympics events schedule application that's quite useful for people who like following almost every Olympic sport. Actually, I suppose it's useful even if you follow only a few sports. The application shows you events that are currently in progress or which will start in the next several hours. Clicking on an event link launches...
on Feb 20, 2010


On the Java ME SDK Team Blog, Tomas Brandalik provides First aid when emulator doesn't start: We have got few bug reports about not starting emulator. After some research we would like to summarize possible causes. 1. Freshly installed windows doesn't have msvcrtXX.dlls. Got to folder runtimes\cdc-hi\bin and copy Microsoft.VC80.CRT into runtimes\cldc-hi-javafx\bin. This problem will be fixed...
on Feb 16, 2010


Where I live (Connecticut, US), a popular bumper sticker is "Motorcycles Are Everywhere!" That's what I was reminded of as I surveyed the past week's posts by Geerjan Wielenga, and saw that he has discovered several interesting YANPAs (Yet Another NetBeans Platform Application, as he sometimes calls them). It really begins to appear that, like motorcycles, YANPAs are indeed everywhere!...
on Feb 10, 2010
Geertjan has discovered Urban Surveillance Research on the NetBeans Platform: Yet another NetBeans Platform application is part of the Centibots project. This project, a.k.a. the "100 Robots Project", funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is aimed at developing new technology to support the coordinated deployment of as many as 100 robots for missions such as urban...
on Oct 22, 2009
In a recent blog post, Geertjan Wielenga shows "How to Create a GUI Editor on the NetBeans Platform": There's a lot of interest in creating GUI editors via the Visual Library. So I'm creating a small example that will show how to do that. The palette is filled with JavaBeans that are registered in the layer, meaning that the editor is extensible via the System FileSystem. When a palette item...
on Sep 20, 2009