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We all know the standard Fibonacci recursive algorithm:   public BigInteger f(int n) {    if (n == 0) return BigInteger.ZERO;    if (n == 1) return BigInteger.ONE;    return f(n - 1).add(f(n - 2));  } Your challenge is to find the first 10 bytes and the last 10 bytes of f(1_000_000_000). That's right, fibonacci of one billion. Please post...
on Feb 24, 2012
I like a good Java puzzle.  The trickier the better.  In this article I will tell you about a new set of puzzles by Wouter Coekaerts that will melt your Java brain. About five years ago, I was suckered into participating in a Java Black Belt competition at a Java Tech Days in London.  This was in the days before Her Royal Highness decided she had had enough South African visitors...
on Feb 16, 2012
Welcome to the 198th issue of The Java(tm) Specialists' Newsletter sent to you from Chania in Greece. My readers in colder climates frequently get annoyed when I tell them that "life's a beach". They imagine us having constant sun here. It's not true. We do sometimes have torrential rains and cold weather. It even snows here occasionally. In fact, the delivery...
on Feb 14, 2012
A few weeks ago I updated my age to be a factor of 2 and 5.  It is the perfect age to reflect what life is all about.  Some men don a leather jacket and ride around on a Harley.  But as a geek I know exactly where to turn - my beloved computer.   I needed a long-running method for the new concurrency course I am writing.  Something that would take about 15 seconds and...
on Dec 22, 2011