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I look forward to Javaone each year and have been trying to think what could have  happened to my old friend, with the oracle/google legal case in the background, and the campaign for Oracle to make good on creating an independent foundation that they wanted years ago I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. So here goes: The neighborhood isn't quite the same, as others have...
on Sep 21, 2010


The recent complaint from Oracle to Google is probably one of the most key events that may dictate Java's legacy. Is this what Java really needs or are we missing something else? Lawsuits are incredibly exciting for legal teams, albeit lots of work. For the rest of the company on either side the novelty soon wears off, cases can span multiple product releases and even years so its a constant...
on Aug 25, 2010
There were a few ripples around the Java community given that James Gosling the founding father of Java has left Oracle/Sun. I'm not that surprised, I'm sure many others are not either. Google must have made inquiries on more than one occasion and Sun had a number of painful years even when I was there, plenty of layoffs that made each release more difficult and that was 5 years ago. ...
on Apr 12, 2010

Web Applications

We have been recently doing a fair amount of prototyping and development with Amazon EC2, as the cost of hosting additional ESX servers and disk in our colo has been an exercise in power cost control to stay within our rack quotas. Last year we looked into moving many of our services to Amazon EC2, but it didn't take long for our finance guy to ask questions about new charges to the amazon bill...
on Aug 18, 2010


Do you remember the email you got to tell you that your jre had a vulnerability? No? What about the fact that Java 5 is in an end of life phase. Given the time it has taken for Java 7 to appear its has somewhat slowed the normal EOL pace of the Java platforms. You may not know that Java 1.4.2  for business will be supported commercially until April 2018,  which is kind of mind-...
on Apr 28, 2010