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I developed my first implementation of the Reversi game on BASIC 20 years ago. Since then, I ported it on each programming language I studied: Turbo Pascal with graphics library and Turbo Vision, C with the Windows API, C++ with the ClanLib, Java AWT applet, and Swing application with Java2D. Now I am ready to publish yet another implementation, on JavaFX Script. javafx({ name: "Reversy",...
on Aug 13, 2010
The attentiveness evaluation test in my driving school was easier than one I developed by using JavaFX. I made it harder by adding the next value randomly. javafx({ name: "Attentiveness", width: 300, height: 300, archive: "" });The test data are stored in the PersistentProperties class that combines the Storage and the Properties...
on Jul 16, 2010
Last half a year I was quite busy. My personal priority was to get a driving license. Among many exercises in my car driving school there was a psychological test consisting of different tasks to check your reaction. I developed one of them by using JavaFX. It examines how fast you can click. javafx({ name: "ResponseTime", width: 320, height: 200, archive: "
on Jul 9, 2010
I've made the decision to participate in the JFXstudio Challenge competition. The subject of the competition is Five. Therefore, I decided to replace the squares with the pentagons in one of my applications. Do you remeber the sample that rotates the cube? javafx({ name: "Dodecahedron", width: 400, height: 400, archive: "" });There is...
on Oct 27, 2009
Can you live without computer of Internet for two weeks? I definitely got crazy and forgot everything I knew about JavaFX. Nevertheless, in this blog I'll try to explain how the Score class introduced in my previous post works. For a start, consider the Digit class, an internal auxiliary class. It is used to scroll one number position. Observe how many images do we use for this class. In order...
on Oct 7, 2009


Caching of an empty array is a well-known pattern to improve performance. However, it is difficult to use it in generified classes. Out of curiosity, I created a custom implementation of the array creation method based on Array.newInstance. To cache empty arrays, I use synchronized WeakHashMap, which maps any given component type to a weak reference to the corresponding empty array. This is not...
on Dec 7, 2009