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I think that Maven is a great tool for development. But it can be used for more. For instance, I've just prepared things so that starting from a clean room you can try out my lightweight CMS, NorthernWind, by just invoking a couple of commands. They will install and run NorthernWind, an embedded server and an example site. More information at the NorthernWind blog.
on Jan 23, 2012
There are many things, mostly implementation-related, that can be blamed on Maven, but I think most people agree on the fact that the POM concept (a declarative model of your project) is a good thing. Among other things, it allows to run a new plugin often with a minimum of configuration, or no configuration at all. For instance, a few days ago I was pointed to the Clirr plugin, a tool that...
on Feb 21, 2010
Given that Maven is much more complex than Ant, and it dinamically resolves dependencies, people are right to be concerned with having deterministic builds. But the vast majority of problems are solved by just three good practices: version everything, including all Maven plugins run once in a while mvn dependency:go-offline, that will download all the required stuff routinely use mvn -o (offline...
on Jan 7, 2010
In the past weekend I've been able to improve the settings for automated Maven releases that I've blogged about about ten days ago. Peter Mount complemented the information with some practical examples on how to use that stuff invoking Maven with the proper parameters. I've been able to significantly clean up and improve the Maven configuration, so now a staged release can be performed...
on Nov 9, 2009
After the latest upgrade of my Hudson instance, I noticed that a new option in the security matrix appeared: it allows anonymous visitors to have a (read only) look at a job configuration, if the administrator allows it. I think it's a great feature (that I was asking for some months ago), as it allows to share our knowledge about our favourite CI tool. So I've opened most of my jobs and you can...
on Nov 9, 2009
Today I've made some improvements with my Mercurial + Maven + Hudson setup - and reached a new level of karma, being able to do automated releases. Let's go in order. First let me recap what happens with the Maven release plugin (mvn release:prepare release:perform) and Mercurial: A check is performed that there are no uncommitted changes and a build is performed as a validity proof. All the...
on Oct 29, 2009
During my last years before getting the master degree, I have been working at a free flight simulator. It run under DOS and was named FGFLY. It was written in C++, initially Borland C++ and later Watcom C++, in order to use a memory extender to bypass the infamous 640k limit. At the time I just was a student able to earn a few money with programming, and couldn't allow to spend a lot in hardware...
on Sep 18, 2009

Open Source

Recently there has been a renewed interest into the Actor programming model. The Actor Model actually comes from the '70s, but as far as I'm aware it has been used only in a very limited subset of industrial projects outside the area of telecoms. Erlang (not by chance developed at Ericsson, a telecom industry), which is a language whose concurrency model is actor oriented, is getting some...
on Jan 4, 2012
I've just left a meeting where the PM congratulated the team because the customer accepted a product release that was made with three weeks in advance of the original plan. First, thank to the developers' team. Second, thank to the good development process (people and process are always the important things, more than technology). Third, thank to libraries and software factory, including...
on Oct 28, 2011


2011, and I'm back to my favourite conference. In the past two years I attended JavaOne and Jazoon, but for different reasons I wasn't able to go to Antwerpen. A number of things have changed in the meantime. Sun is no more here, but I already absorbed the shock at JavaOne 2010. Devoxx is held in November since a couple of years (previously it was in December). For my desire to match a...
on Nov 16, 2011
The CFP for Devoxx 2011 has been opened; more info at
on May 17, 2011
The spring is here at last, and yesterday I was walking on a beach. Often walking on sand beaches recall me the "paradox of the heap": you have a heap of sand, let's say made of a million of sand grains. Then you remove one, and get 999,999 sand grains. No doubt, it's still a heap. Now you repeat the process, and eventually you'll get with a single grain of sand in your hand. No doubt,...
on Apr 11, 2010
I love owls; they are so elegant and have a strong personality (too bad in so many years I've been unable to take photos at any of them!). Unfortunately in my culture (and probably many others) they have also got a bad reputation, as they were considered messengers of bad fortune. It's for this reason that in italian a "gufo" is also a person who, for innate attitude or purportedly,...
on Jan 28, 2010
My first speech of the year will be at the JavaDay 2010 in Rome - officially a JUG event, practically a mini-conference (with more than one thousand attendees). It's free, so save the date. My speech will be about best design practices for component oriented platforms - of course, such as the NetBeans Platform, but it's a design talk, so most concepts can be applied in different contexts as...
on Jan 11, 2010


The last page on the latest issue of IEEE Spectrum attracted my attention since it was about the popularity of programming languages. The page was made of four pictures taken from, which makes popularity figures out of multiple sources: Yahoo Search Craigslist Powell's Books Freshmeat Google Code Ohloh Slashdot IRC This is different than TIOBE,...
on Nov 9, 2011
When I started the mavenization of my projects, in July, I really didn't figure out that it would have been such a painful and long process. It is literally consuming me - also because I'm longing to see the end of the conversion, so I can resume the development. The first mavenized projects, BetterBeansBinding, jrawio and Mistral, were reasonably easy, also considering that I had to...
on Sep 25, 2009


I've been trying to install OpenSolaris since 2006, with no luck. At that time, probably, there were some blocking bugs of the installer when working in a MacBook Pro; furthermore network drivers were only available for 64 bits (and I only got a first generation MacBook Pro). About one year ago I bought a 64-bit MacBook Pro and probably the bugs had been fixed by that time, but I filled my 500GiB...
on Dec 19, 2009


While SwingX is going on steadily (1.6 has been recently released), things are pretty quiet for SwingX-WS. I've just recently patched it in order to make it compatible with the latest 1.6 and I'm fine with it, but I think that it's important that it is taken care consistently. From what I can understand, the SwingLabs guys are focusing on SwingX and little time remains for SwingX-WS. Also,...
on Nov 17, 2009