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THIS IS HOUSTON.... The Silicon Valley JavaFX JUG met for its 2nd meeting on Jan 13th, 2010. SVJAVAFXJUG once again had another rock star speaker in Amy Fowler. Amy Fowler is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, and is one of the founding members of the Java Swing GUI Toolkit. . Over 70 people attended this meeting at Sun's Santa Clara Auditorium. Plus, 40 folks were watching remotely via...
on Jan 17, 2010
I had the opportunity to attend the Community Leadership Summit (CLS) West Event (wiki, attendee photo gallery, eventbrite registration site, CLS session notes page, etc) this last weekend (Jan 9th, 2010) at the Devry campus in Daly City. It was an unconference event.  Lots of Community Leaders from different Tech Companies were there which was...
on Jan 11, 2010
This is Houston... Just cleared out my iTouch of Tweets from the DEVOXX09 conference....Man! were there a lot of Tweets... Here's a list of the one's I've "starred"... Ack! there were hundreds more...   date time sender tweet 15/Nov/09 12:09 PM sbglasius (Soren Berg Glasius) Eating dinner with 9 other #devoxx attendees. By wed we will be 40 attendees from #...
on Dec 3, 2009
"This is HOUSTON...." -- Here is a collection of voices and quotes from the DEVOXX conference last week... Well... DEVOXX is over... It was a busy week; and, I had planned to record a 100 voices from DEVOXX... Well it didn't happen...just like at JavaOne.... the events, the technical sessions, BOFs, and the personal time I spend with the JUG Leaders and community leaders all took its...
on Nov 22, 2009
Here is a raw recording of the JUG BOF at DEVOXX with James Gosling who was our special host. We had 56 Java User Groups represented at DEVOXX; We had 60 people in the room with James. Detailed list of topics discussed by timing marks in the MP3 recording. MP3 is 19MB to download and is 40+ min long. Here's bits and pieces, so here is the disclaimer: Please Listen to the MP3 before making any...
on Nov 19, 2009
Received an email from my good friend Daniel deOliveira who runs the DFJUG-Brasilia Java User Group (the largest JUG in the world w/ 30,000+ members) Aaron, bom dia !Do you remember when Matt signed the JEDI partnership document, during last year JavaOne ? You took some photos of he, I, you and Nichole. I'm trying to find them but I believe they are in an old backup and couldn't find....
on Nov 10, 2009
Java Evangelist Carol McDonald sent me a snippet from this blogger: " User Groups: If you live near a major metropolitan area, it's easy to get involved in the local user groups that are there. Most user groups meet once a month, so they don't consume too many evenings when your family expects you to be home. Don't be a passive participant; get involved. Talk about what you've been...
on Nov 9, 2009
Awhile ago, the Program Manager approached me about blogging about some of the day-to-day interactions I've had with the Java community over the years, primarily the Java User Groups (JUGs) and Java Champions program. I get a ton of email from folks who are interested in starting a Java User Group and want to know how to get started. Honestly, I tell them, the best place to learn about...
on Nov 6, 2009