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The shift of focus will have a profound and enduring effect on the way we write programs. Ward Cunningham and Ralph Johnson JSR 339 : VIDEO PRESENTATION MORE ABOUT Early Draft Review 3 JAX-RS 2.0 Early Draft Explained - Java EE 7 Making Progress Jersey 2 in GlassFish 4 - First Java EE 7 Implementation Now Integrated p{ width:96%; font-size:12.4px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto...
on Jul 11, 2012
We build too many walls and not enough bridges. Isaac Newton Introduction In my previous blog post, I have asked to many of you this question: "What JSF should become?". And since then, I was quite silent. The reason behind it, is that I was working to build a concrete implementation of this vision and today I'm glad to give you a concrete demonstration of it. So Ladies and Gentlemen, why...
on Apr 10, 2012
Perfection is achieved through times. Anonymous Introduction How someone can improve if he has no clear vision of what he could become? I'm asking this tough question to myself while reading to the definition of JSF. As it is written in its specification, JavaServer Faces is a user interface framework designed to significantly ease the burden of writing and maintaining applications that run on a...
on Nov 27, 2011
p{ width:97%; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; }   For prosperity to be sustained it must be shared. thegatesnotes Introduction Ladies and Gentlemen, today, while I'm writing this blog post, I'm one-eyed. I woke up last saturday, earlier in the morning, and noticed that I couldn't see out with my right eye. Then, I went to see an ophtalmologist to find the cause and the solution and...
on Nov 12, 2011
Revolution is only the next step to Evolution Anonymous Introduction Here we are, Yes ladies and Gentlemen, Here we are. After having shared the story with you, here is the presentation of the prototype of the multi-templating system of JSF 2.2. Meanwhile, an application has been deployed worldwide with google app engine and below are the instructions on how to use it both remotely and locally....
on Aug 28, 2011
One thing can have several representations but each of the representations means the same thing. Everything is an object and every object has a virtual representation. You don't believe me! Well, look at your shadow... Anonymous Introduction When describing a feature, one must always show to his users the set of contexts in which its use can bring a significant value for them. The feature I'm...
on Jun 5, 2011
In computer science, in the context of data storage and transmission, serialization is the process of converting a data structure or object into a format that can be stored and "resurrected" later in the same or another computer environment. Java provides automatic serialization which requires that the object be marked by implementing the interface. Implementing the...
on May 21, 2011
The Beginning The term " Cascading DropDown" means a dynamic dependent list boxes that allow a “child” list box to refresh when a selection is made in a “parent” list box. It is a recurrent problem in the software space and it has only one solution but sadly several implementations of it that are depending on the tools that you are using and their limitations...
on May 12, 2011


  An experience is relevant only if it can prevent you to repeat the same mistake. Anonymous Introduction Make it compliant! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Make it compliant! That is my tip of the day and the statement I woke up with today. Like many of you, I have read the Jsf-spec pdf file and as you may know, JSF 2.2 is coming with two major features : Faces Flows and Multi-templating. Did...
on Oct 3, 2011