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My colleague, Konstantin Boudnik, has begun blogging. He's discussed some of the tools we use (the Java SQE team) in our daily work to test Java. (see: Java quality's open-source tools) For the last 2 months I've been studying what openness and transparency could mean to the Java Quality team. Overall the java team has this Peabody project going on where we are stepping towards being open and...
on Oct 5, 2005
This article at TheServerSide was pointed to by a poster on javalobby claiming it's an example of how "ugly" annotations are. Hmmm... They're different alright, but ugly? To each their own I suppose. Test framework comparison, by Justin Lee, July 2005, He goes over a couple new test frameworks and how annotations have affected their design. I guess JUnit is no longer the king...
on Sep 8, 2005
Like I said in my previous posting, I'm looking at the quality processes in open source projects. I'm studying how we in the Java quality team might be more open about what we're doing. On my way home tonight I stopped at a geeks book store and found Succeeding with Open Source. It has part of a chapter devoted to quality processes, and thought I'd share a little. The context of the chapter is...
on Aug 16, 2005
Today I spent a few hours looking at the presence of quality organizations in different open source projects. Typically you think of an open source project has being some software developers scratching an itch, and so the processes circle around the software developers. So I expected to find little presence of quality organizations within the various open source projects. The results of my...
on Aug 12, 2005
The leader of the Findbugs project, Bill Pugh visited Sun this week. He gave talks to various teams about the tool, showing its usefulness. One of the talks was to the management of my team, the Java Quality Engineering organization. It's a real interesting tool, doing what's called static analysis. If you haven't read about it, the basic technique is to scan through the classfiles (not source...
on Aug 6, 2005
I see there's some excitement over Chet's MVM weblog posting. My bailiwick here is Quality, so I just want to toss in a comment on the MVM subject from this point of view. Let me start by saying MVM is an interesting idea ... I've heard the MVM give his presentation to the Performance group, of which Chet is a part. He's certainly done some really good work to solve some really sticky problems...
on Jul 25, 2005
This is prompted by a feature request I saw on the JDIC bulletin board: As I mentioned earlier, I've spent more than a few brain cycles thinking about GUI test automation. It's been so much that at times I've been worried about my sanity - how many people do you know daydream about the minute details of GUI interactions, looking...
on Jul 19, 2005
My first posting drew a question "does Sun use 'test first development' practices". So, let's talk about that a bit. I can only speak for the Java team as that's where I work. You have to remember that Java is a 10+ year old project with a lot of history. "History" can mean, as it does in this case, that procedures we've been following for 10+ years often interferes with adopting the latest-...
on Jul 13, 2005
I am new to the blogging crew, and since this is my first posting here I thought to introduce myself. My name is David Herron and I work in the Java SE Quality Engineering team. I have also been blogging at if you want to see what I've been saying in the past, and I have a personal blog site at What I expect to bring to the blogs is...
on Jul 8, 2005