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Last month, I gave a no value added link to Kent Beck's Future of Developer Testing. Dominique put up some great notes on the talk and got me thinking a bit more about Barriers to Developer Testing and the cost of unit testing. Watching the Extreme Programming Yahoo Group, I've seen XPers make statements that comparing lines of production code vs. lines of test code it comes out near 1:1,...
on Jan 16, 2005
The Patriot Act, among other things, requires companies comply with certain types of reporting. I can't help but wonder how bugs play into this... there have been reports that there is no way to get off of no fly lists, what if an off by one bug put you on one? But false positives are two easy and most the time only hurt the individual, what about false negatives? What if Sybase...
on Dec 22, 2004
I saw a link to Kent Beck's Future of Developer Testing from Nov. 17th, on scene's clips. 60 minutes of Kent talking about Developer Accountability, Software Health and a few other things. One of those other things Kent expressed, and I have long been to scared to say, is that one of the driving forces behind development job off-shoring, is business looking for more accountability, not...
on Dec 13, 2004