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Seems like the process of bring Java under an open source license hasraised the question of Java platform quality even higher. Inparticular the question of reliability has been discussed more andmore widely among my peers over last few months. Thus, I decided toshare a couple of thoughts on the topic. Hopefully, you'll like whatyou'll about to see.What realibility means for us.According...
on Mar 29, 2007
Despite the differences between business models, development processes, functional areas of the application, and the languages, these applications are written in, the quality approaches for them are quite similar and final goal is the same. The engineering team has to deliver quality application to the end users. Let's retrospect how it gets addressed by different teams. What techniques and tools...
on Sep 18, 2006
Hello there! Last week happened to be quite busy for many Java developers, activists, and supporters. JavaOne 2006 conference had a lot of interesting pods, booths, talks and other kinds of presentations. A leading development companies were bringing their innovations to share the knowledge and expertise in the field. I won't reiterate the same things you perhaps heard already: you can find...
on May 20, 2006
Hello folks We recently thought about an interesting approach of finding a difference between APIs (public methods) of two versions of a Java software. I was doing it for JDK1.5 (Tiger) and JDK1.6 (Mustang b76). Sometime you might want to take a quick look and find out what exactly has been changed in your (or somebody's else code) between two versions. Why? Well, if you want to focus your test...
on Mar 28, 2006
Hi there. In this short article I'll try to summarize what I was discussing for the last couple of months. So, let's briefly list key factors that are likely to affect our judgment of software quality. - our code quality expectations (good enough quality, remember?) - coverage isn't everything - code complexity and a frequency of the changes - number of bugs filed against source code...
on Mar 15, 2006
Hi there again. Getting back to my favorite topic about quality of life... I meant that pseudo-life, we all are trying to make. And if there's Something, what had once created all of us and everything else around - it did a way better job :-( But, I think, we have deserved a credit too: we don't have all the time in the eternity to finish our job by trial and errors approach. An average man...
on Dec 23, 2005
Hmm, I just realized, that it's been a while since my last posting here. So, hi there! And for a difference, this time it isn't about java quality :-) Last month I was pretty much busy with our testbase build automation. It's not a secret though, that our server VM testbase has a lot of native test code. As David had mentioned recently we have quite a handful of platforms to take care of and it'...
on Dec 19, 2005
How are you doing everyone? I hope you're Ok. Lately, I was organizing and attending an interesting event called Java Days in Saint-Petersburg University. For those who unaware - it's not about Saint-Petersburg, FL, USA - you all know that people in Florida can't count at all, aren't you :-)? It's about Saint-Petersburg, Russia - former capital of the country and the most beautiful city I ever...
on Nov 16, 2005
Hello everyone! I'm writing this sitting in Lufthansa's 747 – boy, I've seeing better planes in my life – going towards Frankfurt. There I will change planes and fly for another two and a half hours to Saint-Petersburg, Russia. There I'll have a lecture at the Saint-Petersburg State University. And guess what would this lecture be about? Right, it's about Java quality again :-) (I'll write...
on Oct 21, 2005
Hello again. Since I posted my first article here I've been asked a number of times: "Why there's no open source tools for quality process? Are there any?" Being a lazy enough, I decided to reply just once in this public forum. Ok, here's the answer: there's a number of open source tools to do a neat automation of one's software quality process. To schedule and execute jobs execution in a...
on Oct 4, 2005
Hi there! Surprisingly, my last post was rated #1 by Google for 'java quality' search and lasted in this position for a few days. My friends were wondering how much I had paid to gain this honorable position. Honestly: I didn't pay a penny for it and I only have to thank those of you, who spent time reading it. So, thank you! I also hope not to disappoint you this time. Moving closer to the...
on Sep 30, 2005
It isn't, perhaps, a secret, that software test development and quality are like a snow ball rolling down a hill: and as it reaches further towards the end of the slope, harder to stop... and think. Think about what is done right; what missed, and how I can do this better, if only I had another chance. We all have heard (or know from a real experience) about a number of testing types:...
on Sep 23, 2005