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The first part of this series introduced animation fades on lists, trees and tables in Swing applications running under the latest development version of Substance look-and-feel. The release candidate for version 3.1 (code-named Honolulu) is on October 30, and there is still room to add minor user-requested features. The users who download and try the development drops inevitably face defects,...
on Oct 20, 2006
JGoodies Looks was and undoubtedly remains the pioneer and the leader in the precise micro-design of Swing forms. It's easy to see but hard to achieve, and this comes at cost of elaborate manipulations with insets, borders, preferred sizes and custom layout managers. This entry by Joshua shows the same improvements applied to the Windows LAF in Mustang (at least for the text components, combo...
on Sep 8, 2006
One of the requirements imposed on the default Ocean theme was to Not Break Stuff. So now adjustments were made to the l&f which would have broken existing applications; the sizing of widgets is the same and everything should just work out of the box; it's just the skin of that l&f that's different (and, I think you'll agree, better) (quoting Chet's original post). Here are the...
on Sep 8, 2006
In one of the more popular commercial look and feels, Alloy, the default focused button has nice animation effect - its inner border fades in and out in cycles. In Macinstosh OSX, the default button has pulsating effect to visually indicate that the corresponding action will be taken when the user hits the "Enter" key. The underlying code is not very complicated, although there are few spots for...
on May 6, 2005
The popup menus in Swing application are rather standard. Put a few JMenuItems (most probably with icons), spice them up with an assorted selection of JSeparators, and your plain boring popup is ready for the outside world to see. The immediate solution to creating custom menu items is, of course, using some lively look'n'feel scheme. However, you don't have to go that far to bring your popup...
on Mar 12, 2005
Almost every application with GUI needs icons. And they better be sexy. And stylish. And consistent. And small. Here are few tips for programatically creating icons using Java 2D features First, here is a screenshot of a demo that shows icons created using the techniques described in this entry. As you can see, it can paint any letter on any background, creating an optional plus sign and optional...
on Feb 25, 2005