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Surely one of the biggest announcements at JavaOne 2010 was the new roadmap for JavaFX, laying out the journey towards a 2.0 release that will be radically different from what had gone before -- not so much evolution, as total revolution. While the details, when they arrived, contained a fair few surprises, the overall radical nature of the roadmap was not totally unexpected; many had suspected...
on Sep 24, 2010


One of the most touted parts of the new JavaFX API is the ability to skin UI controls using CSS-like stylesheets. However the current 1.0 release seems to be rather light on skin-aware controls, while documentation and examples seem to be rarer than a woman at a Star Trek convention. (That's my derogatory stereotyping quota used up for this year!) Not that lack of documentation ever stopped...
on Dec 31, 2008
A C++ programmer walks into a Usenet newsgroup, "I don't see the point of Java!" he announces. "It allows your code to work on many different platforms...", replies a local Java programmer. The C++ programmer is unconvinced, "I can already do that with C++", he blusters. "...without re-compiling your code for each platform", adds the Java programmer with a smile. "What?!", shouts the C++ guy, "...
on Nov 26, 2008
There must be a name for that particular form of programming masochism which involves wringing the maximum effect out of the minimum of code. If not, someone should invent one! I first began coding when the Apple II and Commodore 64 (et al...) opened up computing to the masses. By modern standards their 32 or 64k of RAM is an impossibly small amount — I'd love to report it was more than...
on Sep 30, 2008
It's a creepy thought, but hidden amidst the garish flickering displays and eternal night of some far flung casino there may still stand a Video Poker machine running code written by yours truly. It's been the best part of a decade and half, but the industry as I recall it was never fond of re-inventing the wheel. Y'see for Poker machines 'unit testing' (as we now know it) didn't result in...
on Nov 21, 2007
Car manufacturers have known for a long time that it's the little things which can make or break the sale of a vehicle. The reassuringly solid clunk of the doors as they close. The satisfyingly robust feel of the knobs, switches and handles. Even that strange hybrid plastic/fabric/wood/solvent smell which greets a potential buyer upon opening the door of a brand new car. Of course, once the...
on May 1, 2007
I spent a little time over the Easter break playing about with the new streamlined integration of JOGL into Swing, as promoted by Chris Campbell in his blog some eighteen months back. To be honest, there really isn't an awful lot to 'play about' with. The interoperability with Java2D is just a lot more efficient (and usable) without any need to do something special. So what I really did was to...
on Apr 11, 2007
Well, given feedback from around the web it seems a lot of people liked my recent little foray into the realm of Swing eye candy, which is both very flattering, and also rather worrying. Do so many of you really value GUI bling? I continued to play about with the code after I last posted it, and the final (for now!) bling'd up version can be WebStart'd from the link below. I must warn you, it...
on Mar 8, 2007
I recently watched the interesting Screencast by Adobe's James Ward, entitled "Web 2.0 Design Trend & Tools". It shows off some of the stuff Adobe are doing with Flash and Flex to make them better suited for the Rich Internet Applications space, and I have to say I found what I saw quite impressive. RIA's seem to be the buzzword of the moment, now that the shine has started to come off Ajax...
on Feb 23, 2007
I suppose if the following was on the Java Posse's podcast it would be referred to as "Pimping my Swing app". Pimp My Swing App is the Posse's alternative title for the Extreme GUI Makeover sessions at JavaOne — the idea is to play around with AWT, Swing and any other image producing API you can get your mitts on to create strange, wonderful and unique looking user interfaces. And, yes,...
on Jul 24, 2006
In Where Swing should Venture Eitan Suez ponders the possibilities of making Swing applications deployable as web apps. Flip a deployment switch one way and you get a desktop application, another way and you get a web app. Now I don't want to attack Eitan's comments directly, but for me his blog raises a more general point about the way user-facing software has been going recently. And so with...
on Jun 30, 2006