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This one tripped me up, and I thought I'd post it here. I have a case where I need to pour text into a JTextField, but have that JTextField look like a JLabel. So as I type in one field, I need this "gray" second field to update, live, before the user's eyes. I also need the ability for the user to cut-and-paste values out of it. This sort of thing is reasonably common in properties panels...
on Jul 31, 2008
In Microsoft Outlook, along with probably dozens of other desktop applications, pressing ESC just about anywhere will cause the current window you're in to be cancelled. In the case of dialogs, it is as though the Cancel button were pressed; in the case of root windows, it is as though you tried to exit the application (and you usually get a warning dialog that asks you if you're sure). For one...
on Dec 17, 2007
In the prior entry, we learned that Java ships with several tools to standardize the conversion between Strings and Objects. We covered the text conversion methods of java.beans.PropertyEditor. We will most definitely come back to PropertyEditors, because they're about a heck of a lot more than just converting text, but let's take a detour into the dank recesses of the java.text package. Do you...
on Aug 31, 2007
See if this little scenario sounds familiar. You're rolling along on some application somewhere, and you've decided to put some information in a Properties file somewhere. You realize that you're beginning to encode a lot of information in a property setting, so much so that you realize that really what you're doing is building up a rather complicated Object. You feel like you've done this...
on Aug 27, 2007
Long, long, long time no post. A job change and a two-year-old will do that to you. On today's menu: how to make a JRootPane subclass that can pop itself in and out of JInternalFrames and JFrames. Let's dive right in. Background Different people have different ideas on how an application should work when it can open many different documents of many different types at the same time, and, most...
on Jun 20, 2005