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Although my blog has been quiet for the last few months, it's certainly not for lack of content to share. In reality, this blog that you're reading now is one of three that have been living in various stages of completion in my unposted blogs folder. For many bloggers, I suspect it doesn't work like this. They have something worthwhile to say (we can hope) and they post it. In my case, however,...
on Sep 15, 2006
Greetings Gentle Reader; I'm thrilled that you've come back to visit! As you might imagine, we're still working very hard on Mustang, aiming to make it the best Java SE release in history. And now with the Mustang Beta release live on the web, we eagerly await your questions, feedback and more of the excellent code contributions you've been sending in. While we wait, of course, we're still...
on Feb 15, 2006
So you've created an empty JTable, you've given it a TransferHandler to accept drops, and you've added it to a JScrollPane. But when you launch your application and drag some completely valid data into the table, it rejects you! I'm not kidding; go ahead and try it yourself with this demo (requires build 76 or greater of Mustang). Drag from the component labelled "Drag from here" into the JTable...
on Jan 19, 2006
Hello again friends! Prompted by an excellent question from wrandelshofer in the comments section of my recent Swing Drag and Drop blog entry, I'm jumping on the opportunity to tell you more about the enhancements made in Mustang. In particular, I'd like to talk about how these changes have enabled location-sensitive Drag and Drop. In order to clarify the concept, I'll paraphrase the...
on Jan 17, 2006
Do the toto! Shortly before the holidays, I had the opportunity to visit a customer site in the wonderful city of Montreal, Canada. I was an eater of excellent food, a seer of new sites, and a lucky fan at Centre Bell when the Montreal Canadians won their first overtime shootout under the new NHL rules! And that was just in the off hours. I also truly enjoyed myself during the day in the...
on Jan 16, 2006
Many Thanks! An expression that my friend and Swing Team colleague in Russia, Michael Knyazev, offers to me; and one I'd like to extend to you now. It's been seven months since my first blog, with it's goofy play on words, discussion of Swing's improved drag gesture, and my promise that I'd write about more exciting Drag and Drop enhancements shortly. Seven months is slightly longer than I...
on Jan 2, 2006
One small step for Shan, one exciting leap for Swing drag and drop. Fantastic! The folks kindly set me up a place to share my thoughts, I sit down and begin typing, and out comes a play on the monumental Neil Armstrong quote. I consider: "Why would I start my blog space with a goofy play on words, appearing to compare Swing drag and drop to humankind landing on the moon?" Well, the...
on Jun 7, 2005