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Sun engineer Robertis Tongbram and I just published a new article, Sun and Microsoft Interoperate for Web Authentication, Part 2: Sun Java System Access Manager and SharePoint Portal Server 2003, which describes the procedure for integrating the two products for single sign-on (SSO). Afterward, once a user is authenticated by Access Manager, he or she can access all the other sites that are also...
on Jul 26, 2007
A new article on Sun Developer Network, Developing Secure Applications With Sun Java System Access Manager, Part 1: Basic Authorization, describes the configurations for implementing fine-grained, role-based authorization at a fictitious health-care insurance company. The article contains diagrams, screenshots, and code segments to illustrate the process.Sun Java System Access Manager, free for...
on Jun 26, 2007
Sun identity architect Pat Patterson and I just cowrote Single Logout: A Demo, a sequel to a February article on Project Lightbulb (OpenSSO's SAML 2.0 PHP Extension). Besides updating you on how Project Lightbulb has evolved, the sequel describes how to terminate user sessions with all the members in a Circle of Trust through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 PHP. In particular, take...
on Jun 20, 2007
Just published on Sun Developer Network is the article, Achieving SSO With Sun Java System Access Manager and SAML, which explains how to implement single sign-on (SSO) for all the applications on a corporate portal with Sun Java System Access Manager and Security Assertion Markup Language. Described are the concepts and the step-by-step configurations, illustrated with a process flow diagram...
on Apr 25, 2007
Martin Gee, CTO of ICSynergy International, a Sun partner, describes in a new article, Securing Site Access With CardSpace and OpenSSO: An Overview, an alternative way of authenticating users who access protected Web sites—that is, by means of online credentials called InfoCards. Also showcased are the benefits, architecture, and process flow of a lightweight implementation, accompanied by...
on Apr 18, 2007
New on Sun Developer Network is a tutorial on securing communications in Web services. As a demo, the tutorial hosts a sample application that quotes stock prices. The software involved is Sun Java System Access Manager, the NetBeans IDE 5.5, and the Java Application Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) with Tools bundle. Can we ever overemphasize the importance of privacy protection in...
on Feb 27, 2007
Pat Patterson, Sun's federation architect, recently spoke at the RSA Conference 2007 in San Francisco. His blog, which points to the slides, summarizes the process flow. The standards involved are ID-WSF, ID-SIS, and ID-FF; the products, Sun Java System Access Manager, Sun Java System Federation Manager, OpenSSO, and NetBeans Enterprise Pack.It's always fascinating to read about all that behind...
on Feb 13, 2007
From a new Sun Developer Network article, Switch on SAML for PHP With Project Lightbulb, you'll learn how open-source Project Lightbulb and SAML 2.0 help achieve single sign-on for PHP applications.A future SDN article will describe the circle of trust and single logout with SAML 2.0. As soon as that paper is live, I'll be sure to highlight it here.
on Feb 6, 2007
Hot off the press are a podcast and a Webcast by Sun identity architect Pat Patterson on Project Lightbulb, an OpenSSO subproject that focuses on the PHP implementation of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0. Also see Pat's blog on the podcast and Webcast. As always, he's humorous and readable.Identity and security are high priorities in the software arena, in particular in this Web-...
on Nov 30, 2006
Sun's chief security officer, Whitfield Diffie, expounds on the public-key cryptography, the elliptic curve, and information security in an October interview published on Sun Inner Circle. His answer to the first question on the effect of the 1976 Diffie-Hellman paper that "ushered in the age of public-key cryptography" was certainly humorous, "It's like having 15 minutes of fame: I did one good...
on Nov 30, 2006
Visit the just-live Sun Developer Network Channel Blog on secure identity management. The blog features a video with access management architect Aravindan Ranganathan, who demos how to secure Web services. Also, a manager from PwC shares his insight on competing standards and integration of security across platforms.In addition, the channel points to related technical articles, white papers,...
on Sep 6, 2006
The recent news that Forrester Research has named Sun the leader in identity management is wonderful to see. In particular, Sun Java System Identity Manager won a high praise as a product that leads in connector capability, policy management, auditing, and architecture. Online frauds abound everywhere; security-related software definitely has a vital role to play—indirectly as an ensurer...
on Mar 1, 2006
Given that guarantees are a myth, solutions that ensure availability in case of server failures afford productivity, not to mention peace of mind. Just off the press on is a technical article that describes such a solution: Updated: Configuring Load Balancing for Sun Java System Access Manager 2005Q1 Originally published in March, the article walks you through the procedures...
on Dec 15, 2005