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I guess i wasn't very focused in yesterday's entry, paying too much attention to the details of the specific puzzle and not emphasizing my main point (or as Chris defined it the "money quote"). I'll try to rectify it here, bringing together my thoughts on the subject of evolving Java as a language. First, let's start with the code from Neal's entry. Here is the relevant part:    ...
on Feb 6, 2008
Neal Gafter has posted the first closures puzzler. I guess the second edition of Java Puzzlers is in works, and closures will be a hefty addition to the book. If anything, this makes me really sad. I was very excited to lay my hands on the first edition, but after reading through a few chapters, i skimmed the table of contents, glanced at the visual illusions and never came back to it. If i had...
on Feb 5, 2008
Last weekend i went and bought a new laptop (actually, this is my first laptop). So, as i plugged it in and connected to the net, Vista started downloading updates and installing them. And then i started thinking - what happens if one of these updates will simply crash the OS on the next boot? The implicit assumption of any update to the operating system is that it at least boots (if everything...
on Mar 8, 2007
A long long time ago in a blog far far away I wrote about JDK collections and how should you choose your data structures. This topic has been on my mind during the past year, and I still haven't reached a definitive conclusion. First, I should mention that i have interviewed about 40 people this year for the technical positions in our project, which gave me an opportunity to see a large variety...
on Dec 4, 2005
The Mylar plugin for Eclipse (available for versions 3.1 and 3.2M3 only) is, without doubt, one of the most innovative ways to change out interaction with IDEs. Let's see a typical example of our daily work on Java project. You get a task, which can be an enhancement, new feature or bug fix. Typically, you have your project as a tree on the left-hand side, along with the list of all methods /...
on Nov 6, 2005
I was watching one of the Monday night NFL games that i have on tape. It was a Packers vs. Bears from three years ago. Bears had a lousy night with three interceptions (one returned for TD), three sacks on defense, fumbled kick return, missed onside kick and a variety of assorted mishaps. They lost 21-34 and went on to have a 4-12 season. One phrase by Madden got stuck with me (guess i missed it...
on Oct 14, 2005
We are all familiar with the following straightforward implementation of lazy-loaded Singleton pattern:     public class TestSingleton {  private static TestSingleton instance;  private TestSingleton() {}  public static synchronized TestSingleton getInstance() {    if (instance == null) {      instance = new TestSingleton();...
on Aug 24, 2005
As aptly put in this article, there are two types of programmers, those that go with languages and those that go with tools. Given that we all go with Java, what about the tools? Looking at the market, we have at least five major players, Eclipse, JBuilder, NetBeans, JDeveloper and IntelliJ (which, unfortunately, has no free version). How to choose which one is the best for you? Here there are...
on Feb 3, 2005