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I'm not really an early I'm just discovering blog clients. I'm disappointed that after showing up so late to the party, I still can't comprehend the APIs. I thought they would have had time to fully bake by now, and that the specs would have lots of examples. Turns out this is just wishful thinking. I did a google search for blog client api. I found that the Blogger API and the...
on Aug 15, 2005
Every profession has its share of workers who continue past their prime years of productivity. Maybe you've seen one...the overweight police officer who looks more at home in a Krispy Kreme shop than in his cruiser. I'm thinking software engineers have to "throw in the towel" sometime before 40...before the ol' brain loses too many working cells that can absorb it all. I'll admit that maybe it...
on Jul 22, 2005
You'd pick LISP for an AI app, maybe COBOL for a banking app, and possibly FORTRAN for intensive numeric, scientific apps. OK, maybe your choices would be different. However, we've all been told to pick a programming language that fits the problem domain. All languages have strengths and weaknesses. If you pick a language that is strong in your problem domain, you simplify development. If you...
on Mar 8, 2005
I've been actively helping developers write good Java programs for years. My experience is primarily in internationalization and localization. Naturally, I try to teach best practices to those I mentor. I've always wondered why my comments regarding i18n (internationalization) come as such a big surprise to other programmers. OK, maybe "surprise" is too strong. However, i18n is too frequently a...
on Nov 29, 2004