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North Pole - Claus, Inc. has announced they are exploring the cross-platform possibilities of Java. Santa, founder and CEO of Claus, Inc. was an early adopter of Apple computers beginning with VisiCalc on an Apple II. "It's been a natural progression from those early days to now", says Santa. "While it took tens of thousands of diskettes to hold the first Naughty-and-Nice List, and...
on Dec 16, 2004
Way back in the primordial ooze stage of our new product, it was decided that we needed a custom control rather than use the standard combobox to handle dropdown lists. So, instead of using a JComboBox, we created our own LookupField control that combined a JTextField with a JButton to simulate the more traditional component. There were several reasons for this decision. Two of the more...
on Oct 19, 2004
I believe nearly every developer eventually creates their own metaphor for programming. Some are rather tame, such as “building bridges between users and systems”. Others can be quite aggressive. One of my coworkers will often say he’s spent his day “mangling bits” when things have not gone particularly well. As for me, I frequently picture myself with a large...
on Aug 31, 2004
Last week, Daniel Steinberg wrote that he attended a local JUG meeting to hear Bruce Tate speak about his book “Better, Faster, Lighter Java”. I was fortunate enough to be at the same meeting. Bruce's presentation was interesting, and sparked a fair amount of interaction between him and the audience. Of course, this made the time fly by all too quickly, but Bruce was still able to...
on Jul 21, 2004
It started as a typical morning. I was three days behind schedule on a one day project, but hoping to finish it by late afternoon. Of course, I’d no sooner gotten into the code, trying to recapture yesterday’s flow, when the phone rang. The next minute, I was off to my project manager’s office, no doubt to receive yet another reason to delay my current assignment even more....
on Jul 14, 2004