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This blog entry is the summary of a long discussion I had with my friend Jason Brazile about Calendar and Date manipulation in Java. Jason is one of those agnostics against Java platform and he is also a high skilled developer and researcher, so our discussions often unveil interesting details about the Java language. This one made me be totally stoned. How many concrete implementations of the...
on Jul 23, 2007
Few days ago I received a simple Java task: to take a comma-separated values (CSV) file and to create a Properties file for every column. The content of CSV file was delimited by semicolon; and the data was typed as the example below. Notice that first token of each line in the csv file represents a key and the other tokens should be split in different files - one for each language. Original...
on Jul 16, 2007
The prizes and and the competition format were very attractive: 5 questions about Java SE, with victory criteria based on velocity and precision. With that in mind I showed up in the competition arena trying to be as fast as possible - a strategy mistake I figured out few minutes later. The questions were really not so hard, but you know, all that minor details about immutable classes and...
on Jul 2, 2007
The core of the Footprint Project is alive, and during the next few days I will be organizing a minimum documentation in order to publish the first stable release. The current snapshot is able to generate and sign PDF documents through a concise code - a very good beginning considering the scarce resources of the project. Now it is time to check the outlook and to start discussing the more...
on Jun 13, 2007
Where: Jazoon'07, Zürich / Switzerland Date: June 24 - 28 Prize: Your Java Honor (and some gifts) So, check the mosquito flying, don't lose your focus and remember: one hit, one answer!
on May 21, 2007
ELCA announced an entry level scriptlet competition at Jazoon'07, with focus in innovative thinking and rapid application development based on the new features of the JDK 6 or based on Groovy. The prizes are quite attractive for students, including free Jazoon'07 vouchers and books from Amazon. And, of course, the best prize: proving your skills in one of the richest markets in the world :)...
on Apr 11, 2007
One of the most tricky parts to learn Object Orientation is the concept of classification. The task of separating entities of the real word in groups and then enumerating the characteristics of each group seems quite simple for experienced programmers but could be messy for novice students. The discussion about the fundamentals of classification is very important to establish a baseline about...
on Jul 17, 2006
Debugging with println is an ancient habit in programming - even the novice developers know about how fragile is such strategy facing the robust debugging tools provided by the most common IDEs. Despite that, everybody sometimes includes some commands like System.out.println(<font color='darkblue'>"step #1"</font>), or System.out.println(<font color='...
on Mar 9, 2006
Holiday in Brazil, a good moment to taste crabs aperitifs on the sunny beach and to fix some old issues in the code of my Open Source projects. Some of these issues had revealed subtle gaps in our traditional programming - like the Web Application Security Vulnerabilities. Reviewing the code of Cejug-Classifieds, I noted the lack of control over Html Injection and I decided to dedicate my...
on Nov 2, 2005
Few months ago we started two very similar projects in my daylight job. Both projects were WebStart applications based on simple business rules with a lot data validation and a fancy GUI requirement - almost all Swing components were used to produce the visual aspect our client had requested. Those projects shared the same life-cycle, under the same management model but with different teams. A...
on Oct 8, 2005