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Disclaimer: UNLIKE my previous article on interviewing, I am not criticizing any company, processes or interviewers. This post is JUST a blog entry and documents my inability to clear a technical interview. If anything, the interviewees this time around were professional, courteous and knew what they were doing. My one and only gripe is with their huge development area, which resembled a...
on Sep 14, 2006
In fact, last time I checked, I wasn't a 'mock' anything. I get 'mocked' a lot for my photograph above, but that's the maximum 'mocking' in my life sadly. So why does classify me as a mock Sun employee? If Sun would like to offer me a position, I will be more than happy to call myself a mock Sun employee. Or whatever. But then I wouldn't be 'mock' anymore so that may defeat the...
on Jun 30, 2006
If you have read my previous entry on a 30 second guide to using AJAX, you know that it was a surprise to me that implementing AJAX is so simple (There were other lessons in that entry too, about how much hype driven AJAX really is and why there is a whole market for AJAX that should really be the DHTML and Javascript market, but hey, I am not the complaining kind). So, would it come as a...
on Jun 27, 2006
Chances are, if you have been building web applications for a little over a year and have used javascript even a little bit, you already know how to build AJAX applications. To use AJAX, you need to know the properties and methods of a Javascript object called XMLHttpRequest. All recent browsers support this object, but of course, as with other cross browser issues, it is instantiated differently...
on Jun 19, 2006
*started this as a comment in response to Dependency hell* -- the fact that I know I could do the same project two years back with Struts and a handful of Commons libraries. -- the fact that a newbie to Java will recoil with horror at the number of concepts he has to learn to do anything meaningful. Where would you start a newbie on a project like this? (Don't tell me that you won't hire a...
on Jan 18, 2006
I started work on an existing project at my day job today and the first thing that I had to do was to download all the dependencies for the project. Here is a snapshot of the dependencies folder after I had checked it out of CVS: Wow! That's 21 dependencies in that folder. Twenty-One! Actually, it should be more because Jakarta-Commons contains many separate libraries, which in this case is 14...
on Jan 17, 2006