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This week I created a test suite for a project I am currently working on and a coworker wanted to run the same tests but no matter what we did defining the junit task in the Ant build script failed. The script just reported: taskdef A class needed by class<br>cannot be found: junit/framework/Test<br> even tough we added junit.jar...
on Nov 9, 2005
These instructions are a way to do conditional compilation with Java like the C/C++ #ifdef. In Java there is no preprocessor and so we need to work around this missing feature. This work around is using Ant's copy and filter feature to create the source with the different code in it. In this example I wanted to accomplish the following: The Java classes must be valid Java code so that any...
on Jan 20, 2005
I have to admit that I only use a debugger if someone wants to show me a problem he discovered within his debugger. Other than that I never used a debugger since I started to code in Java even thought I used debuggers before in C and C++. But when I started with Java there were no debuggers and so I have to rely on debugging statements and stack traces. When the first useful debuggers became...
on Dec 2, 2003