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If you're following my recent adventures (do you have nothing better to do?) you'll know I've been spending a lot of time with JavaFX Script recently. It's a language which targets a wider audience than its bigger cousin — more Javascript than Java. Thanks to The Java Posse I was recently alerted to Fabrizio Giudici's blog asking which scripting languages should be supported in his...
on Oct 30, 2008
You know you're getting old when you find yourself complaining about how English is being butchered, instead of inventing new ways to butcher it yourself. Languages change and evolve, they cannot stand still. This applies to programming languages just as much as natural written/spoken language. The difference is, of course, natural languages don't require backwards compatibility. It's this...
on Feb 13, 2008
Despite not being a violent man (honest!) I've found myself increasingly being moved by the argument that programmers, and perhaps other technical staff too, should be given limited license to kill people under the defence of justifiable homicide. All you programmers reading can stop cheering though -- I'm not suggesting a complete free-for-all. We can't have programmers just going around...
on Jan 24, 2007
There's been a lot of discussion lately about the Java language: were the Java 5 features a mistake, will the features being suggested for 7 be worth it? One aspect of this debate is a kind of 'feature envy', in which pressure mounts to support a feature or particular mode of working because a rival language supports it. It seems that increasingly we live in a world where languages are not seen...
on Sep 12, 2006