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Brett's blog on Java's declining cool factor created quite a stir: Ho Hum Java. I'd sum up a lot of the comments as something like, "Cool doesn't matter. It's just a tool. You pick the right tool for the job regardless of how cool it is." Some hinted that it's a less mature attitude to expect your tools to be cool. To wildly paraphrase, "It's a programming language, for frick's sake, and all...
on Dec 9, 2004
Maybe your mother knows more about software development than you ever imagined. Perhaps the advice she gave you before that fateful blind date--with that special someone your friends convinced you was The One For You--works for software development as well as dating. The assumption here is that you are crafting something that someone else will be using, and it works the same whether you're...
on Mar 19, 2004
There have been some interesting and useful discussions and guidelines on API design from people like Steven Clarke and Bill Venners. And the discussion can get pretty heavy. But I'll just mention one idea: APIs should not be exempt from fundamental usability principles. I'm coming from the selfish perspective of one who has to actually learn to *use* these things, and, more recently, as someone...
on Feb 16, 2004
I'm sitting here at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. I flew more than a thousand miles to get here, and I'm paying for it out of my own pocket. Why? Because it gets me excited. I'm surrounded by cool technology (I've waited my whole life for Apple's new GarageBand software). I do it because I'm happier and more productive if I stay enthused, and attending conferences has always worked for me. So I...
on Jan 8, 2004