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Dr. Sallie Henry died March 7, 2006. She came to the Computer Science department at the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse, in 1979. Her energy and enthusiasm were a real boost. She encouraged many students - most of the CS people I know from those days are still actively in the software business. At LaCrosse, she brought in undergraduate research opportunities, and she helped push the...
on Apr 11, 2006
Somebody at MIT was nice enough to make available the videos for lectures on Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, by Abelson and Sussman. It's a refresher in just how powerful Lisp is. For a language approaching 50 years old, it's pretty amazing. I always crack up a little when I think about the reasons Lisp and Smalltalk couldn't go "mainstream" - why, they use too many...
on Feb 15, 2006
Martin Fowler posted a good article on the idea of Language Workbenches, followed up by some nice links and more reading: and
on Jun 24, 2005
In JUnit Recipes, JB Rainsberger points out this idiom: static final Set s = new HashSet() {{   add("this");   add("that");   add("another"); }}; (JB points to an article by Paul Holser, which cites Dave Astels' Test-Driven Development as the source.) What's it do? The new HashSet(){}; part creates an anonymous subclass (a new type of HashSet without any name...
on Feb 21, 2005
I'm always struck by how everybody goes to a different conference. This was mine... 10-24-04 - Sunday, and 10-25-04 - Monday "Usage-Centered Design in Agile Development", by Jeff Patton. This tutorial used a series of exercises to simulate how UCD works. "Dungeons and Patterns", "Test-Driven Development Workout" - Steve Metsker and I offered our tutorials on patterns and TDD. We also did a...
on Dec 5, 2004