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How many times have we heard or preached (or both) the important lesson of not having our business logic "leak" into the client tier. Each time we hear it, we nod our heads and say "how true," and get serious for a moment. The idea of logic leaks applies to other aspects of development, not just the client tier. For example, the Hibernate project is very concerned about not leaking persistence...
on May 2, 2006
One movie that made a strong impression on me was the classic "Amadeus." Salieri, one of the main characters and a contemporary of Mozart, is often depicted (like most of us mere mortals are) as someone who can compose music but is nowhere near as quick or talented as Mozart. There's a specific scene where Salieri is composing music, one small step at a time (one note at a time!) and derives...
on May 4, 2005
i've recently been thinking about two related topics: - on programming languages vs programming apis - on the relationship between human languages and programming languages the sources of these thoughts have been coming from two separate corners: 1. discussions we sometimes have at nfjs symposia on the ever-popular question "which language should i program in" or "which language is best;" 2...
on Apr 22, 2005
I am very grateful to James Gosling for posting his blog entry of January 4, 2005: "Sharpen the Axe: the Dark Side." ( The reason is that I believe this very topic to be of utmost importance to software developers (and their employers!). The second reason is that I don't believe this issue is discussed openly enough. So, first of all, thank you Dr. Gosling for the...
on Jan 17, 2005