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Entry posted to my new blog.
on Oct 23, 2009
   On Thursday I head up to London for the Over the Air event. I'll do two talks on Saturday on LWUIT and JavaFX Mobile. Check out the draft schedule. Plenty of interesting topics - I attended Over the Air last year and it was a fun, down-to-earth developer event. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I'll see you there? Cheers, -- Terrence Reminder: If you haven't done so yet, please update...
on Sep 22, 2009
As Ryan described in his recent blog, we now have support for Java SE clients in the Mobility Platform. Mahesh Sharma, a student and Sun ambassador in India, has been working on a port of this library to the Android platform. As part of his work, Mahesh also re-wrote the UI of our MusicDb demo and proved that Android is a great plaform to run SGMP applications. With Mahesh's work we now have full...
on Sep 16, 2009
The GlassFish Mobility Platform team has been working on many new features since the 1.1 release back in February 2009, one of which is adding support for MCBO on the Java SE platform.  This will allow the development of desktop synchronization clients that are much more powerful than their mobile Java ME siblings. What's the Difference Between the Java ME and Java SE MCBO ...
on Sep 11, 2009
4 New Screencasts: LWUIT, JDTF, JSR 290, and JavaCard Our documentation team has put together four brand-new screencasts on current subjects. They are 5 minutes each in length and a great way to get introduced quickly to the highlights of each topic. I encourage you to have a look: LWUIT (Lightweight User Interface Toolkit) screencast A 5-minute overview to jump-start your understanding of LWUIT...
on Sep 4, 2009
WIPJAM has become a fixture on the conference circuit ... if you've never been to one of these then this is your chance to experience it. What is WIPJAM@OSiM, you ask? Find out all about it here - and be sure to register! I'm looking forward to it and I hope to see you there! Also, if you're planning to attend OSiM World - I just got word I'll be part of the panel on day 1 at 14:00 titled "...
on Sep 4, 2009
Update: JavaFX Mobile development now also available for Mac OS! Caveat when using NetBeans 6.7.1: After installing NetBeans 6.7.1 with JavaFX you should be able to build and run JavaFX applications on the Windows Mobile EA just fine. However, NetBeans 6.7.1 prompts you update JavaFX though the update center. Do not perform this update as there is an incompatibility between this update and the...
on Jul 27, 2009
The Sun Glassfish Mobility Platform 1.1 includes a Client Provisioning Portal which enables administrators to upload client applications to a repository in the Mobile Platform gateway where they are made available for downloading by client devices over the air. The client portal detects the device type and displays a page with a list of applications available for that device. Here are the steps...
on Feb 27, 2009
This summer we released the first version of an exciting new Mobile Platform, the Sun Java System Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP). MEP is designed to make it easy for developers to create client/connector pairs that securely synchronize any data to your MIDP/CLDC mobile device and allow offline data creation and edit and online synchronization with the back-end data store or application. I...
on Oct 21, 2008
In the first installment of these series we've looked at the architecture of a MEP connector and briefly discuss the main abstractions in the ECBO (Enterprise Connector Business Object) API: BusinessObject and BusinessObject provider. In this second part, we'll discuss an actual implementation of the BusinessObject abstraction used to create a connector that synchronizes data against a relational...
on Aug 13, 2008
Developing an application using the Sun Java Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP) requires writing two components: a sync client application that runs on the mobile device and an enterprise connector that enables the MEP gateway to access the back-end system where the data is located. In this blog entry, Ryan has already provided an intro on the architecture and features of the client SDK, so in this...
on Jul 30, 2008
The discussion started in my JUG mailing list, where some members started celebrating the availability of YouTube for Mobile Devices, including remarkable advances of the nowadays gadgets, like the supposedly revolutionary features of IPhone and a lot of other technologies. The aftermath of the flame produced some insights I would like to share with you, but not before a context quiz...
on Feb 6, 2008
Want to know you current network's location - check this out
on Dec 5, 2006
This InfoWorld article describes (with no photos) a hand-cranked laptop which one vendor has said could be built at a cost of $110. The machine can be folded in different ways to serve as a computer, electronic book or media player. "We designed the device to perform many roles," said Negroponte, who also heads the One Laptop Per Child nonprofit group. "Learning should be seamless." No details...
on Nov 17, 2005
A $1.35-million contract awarded last week to AeroSat Airborne Internet, LLC of Amherst NH, is the first step in creating an airborne internet in which aircraft act as nodes on a network, passing information on weather, landing conditions and turbulence from one plane to another. The one-year contract calls for Aerosat Airborne Internet to conduct Airborne Internet flight demonstrations on FAA...
on Nov 15, 2005
A recent Time (2005 Oct 24, Technology) article describes the benefits of the 787 Dreamliner, scheduled for production in 2006. First the body: using 50% carbon fiber composite, the 787 has a 20% better fuel burn than similar size jets, but boasts greater range. More interesting, the design focusses on passenger comfort. Cabin pressure will be closer to sea level (meaning the hull has to...
on Nov 14, 2005
Electronic News reports here that - finally - we may see a cell phone with 802.11 in it, plus the software to "operate using 802.11 technology inside the enterprise and cellular telephony elsewhere". It will operate as an "extension to the Cisco CallManager IP-based communications system" so what does that mean (this is not a rhetorical question) exactly? Apparently it means that this new device...
on Jul 28, 2005
This is not a blog about Ajax. But, I'm with Dion Almaer at the Adaptive Path / O'Reilly Ajax Summit. We'll be blogging about it at Check it out. ==== I have fond memories of my first JavaOne conference in 2001. I knew very little about Java in those days and enjoyed drinking from a firehose. I still remember being puzzled at all the mobile hysteria at the show. Nokia's...
on May 9, 2005
After a hiatus I've brought back, and added a mobile edition. The site is basically aggregated feeds from Java sites & personality's 'blogs. If there is someone you'd like to see added drop me an email: steve at fooworks dot com I had Planet Sun & java.blogs in there but the shear volume from them, which was not really Java related, was a bit much.
on Dec 21, 2004