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Most Linux developers and sysadmins I talk to think JPackage is great, once they are introduced to the advantages of not having tons of copies of every jakarta-commons-whatever and having each application automagically use the Java release (or even vendor release) it needs. But mosf of them are scared of the bootstrapping procedure, except for the few lucy ones that already have a JPackage-...
on Aug 31, 2006
The Java.Net Community Corner in the Java One Pavillion will feature a few talks of special interest for Linux developers, ranging from on Sun proprietary JVM and new JCP standards to F/OSS JVMs. If you are around, please come and join us! Date/Time Talk May 16, 11:30am Packaging Java apps for Linux using JPackage May 16, 12:00am Brazilian Portuguese JDK Translation Project May 17, 11:...
on May 14, 2006
Sun itself is asking developers to test their apps with third-part JREs to ensure the Java platform remain compatible. But missing from his claim was the need to test them also with the many cleam room, open source software JREs out there, and the need to throw out references to non-standard, vendor-provided JRE classes from application code. Sun David Dagastine in his blog
on Mar 15, 2006
During the end of 2005 I had a customer who could not run a Java Applet on his desktops, despite having the latest update from Sun. And the desktops ran the fastest-growing OS and browser in the market today This customer ran Fedora Linux 4 and Firefox 1.5. We tried other Firefox and Mozilla releases (but could not try old Netscape 4 because the portal uses recent CSS standards and they were...
on Jan 27, 2006
JPackage ( is an Open Source Software project that aims to provide popular Java applications and libraries in a manner that is compatible with Linux standards like the FHS and administrative best practices for the platform. But it goes well beyond simply packaging Java software as RPM packages used by most popular Linux distributions, it also provides ways to deal with...
on Dec 8, 2005
How to Make Java Suited For Desktop Apps. Even if you manage to create a terrific first Swing app for your users, the second one will probably hurt you. Joshua Marinacci's asked on his Blog Why don't you ship Swing apps? and suggested some usual reasons like deploying the JRE, Swing API complexity and corporate focus on web apps. I'd like to add and discuss one more reason: - No class / code...
on Apr 1, 2005
In spite of all the rants about the need of open source Java, the open source / free software community itself is doing very little to make it real. Not to disregard the efforts of the kaffe, gcj, classpath teams and other involved with F/OSS Java VMs, but what are big open source java projects from Apache Jakarta and Eclipse, small projects like HSQLDB and JUnit, and even individual open source...
on Mar 15, 2005
Before entering the subject of this post, let me introduce myself as the newest member of the group of Java.Net community leaders. I'm not here to replace Kevin in the Linux community, but to work with him in making the main source of information for Java developers who work on the Linux OS. Talking a little about myself, I was a free software developer long before Linux became a...
on Feb 28, 2005