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A few weeks ago, I wrote about distribution divergence and that spawned what I thought was a pretty terrific comment stream, so thanks. I wanted to talk just a smidgen more about this, something I consider very important. I think that divergence is a tempest in a teapot.. if you look over just the last 5 years of Linux and open source development, the greatest periods of chaos were not brought...
on Jul 21, 2004
At JavaOne, Gosling, Brian Behlendorf and IBM's Rod Smith among others had a discussion about the merits of Open Sourcing Java. Gosling noted that one of the primary benefits of open sourcing the code, compatibility, is served already by Sun support for Java in a consistent fashion across platforms. But that's not really what I feel the need to address, but something else. But first, a link to...
on Jul 3, 2004
First, some housekeeping: 1000th project: jBob pointed out that the 1000th project was approved a few days ago. It is part of the project community, and can be found here: jBob's log about it can be found here: Regarding OSCON: We should be running a Linux on Java BOF there, but the...
on Jun 22, 2004
In a recent article, Sun President Jonathan Schwartz stated that he saw Red Hat as being a proprietary company, more so than Sun. Specifically: "Availability of source code isn't what qualifies you as 'not proprietary'-Sun's definition of proprietary is behavior which defeats the customer's ability to compete vendors against one another, or choose from among many 'compatible' implementations...
on Jun 1, 2004
If the settlement had come yesterday, would anyone have believed it? Sun and Microsoft settled their century long trial with a somewhat largish payment of $1.6b changing hands as part of the deal. The money is a handy thing, I'd imagine, but the funny thing was that both parties said they would collaborate on technology, etc, etc.... Collaborate? Do you guys think this is legit, or is it post-...
on Apr 2, 2004
While it is no shocker, Sun CEO Scott McNealy has made his decision very public, Java will not be open sourced. If you follow the link (above) you can see the report on his speech on Government Computer News. I haven't found the text of the whole speech online, so I'll only talk about what was reported there and elsewhere. While ESR's comparison to Python and Perl just shows he doesn't...
on Mar 24, 2004
Hi everyone, after some talking with my colleague Art, we would like to extend an invitation for papers and abstracts for articles for the site. We are particularly interested in articles about the different JVMs out there for Linux , with a specific eye towards compatibility and performance concerns. You can email them to me at Also, I'd like to talk about the tempest that...
on Mar 12, 2004
Last week, I spoke about the mission for as being bringing Java on Linux up to par with Java deployed and developed on Solaris, NT and others. The other mission, the yin to the yang of cross platform portability, is the linux (and open source) -specific things. For instance , a library to manage or interface with the /proc or /dev filesystems. A program to interact with the...
on Feb 3, 2004
Welcome to and ... what are we trying to accomplish here? Welcome to! We're launching this site with a simple mission, to ensure that Linux becomes and remains a first-tier platform for Java, enjoying equality and parity with other operating systems like Solaris. My name is Chris DiBona. I have a long history with the Linux side of this equation, formerly working at...
on Jan 21, 2004