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So JSR 323 has failed the review ballot, which means it's out before first base. It never quite looked viable. What is interesting is the voting comments from the JCP Executive Committee. It seems that the later voters are referring to voting comments made by earlier voters. Which means that the later voters can see the voting comments (and presumably the votes) made by the earlier voters...
on Jan 24, 2008
If (newly announced) JSR 323 is viable, it looks like it might give us continuations. If you can move a thread to another JVM and have it run there, you can also presumably move it to storage, pull it back onto the original JVM some time later, and have it continue execution. This might be worth watching.
on Jan 8, 2008
In javaposse 150 the guys were talking about something and veered off on a tangent talking about multiple return values and tuples and such like. Next up they talked about the closures JSR. That sparked a thought that maybe we could transform the multiple return values problem in order to solve it using closures. So what if instead of returning multiple values, a method returned void, but had...
on Nov 28, 2007