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Here are some pictures from JavaOne 2009 Day 1 ... \ And the evolving album at ... See ya tomorrow at JavaOne Day 2! Technorati: conf javaone sanfrancisco
on Jun 3, 2009
The next best thing to being at CommunityOne today and tomorrow is the live video feed of the sessions! Can't participate directly? Check out the CommunityOne online video feeds.
on Jun 1, 2009
I've compiled the following schedule of JavaOne technical sessions, BOFs, and ancillary events where members of the community will be presenting during JavaOne week. This schedule does not include the Community Corner events that will be taking place at the booth in the JavaOne Pavillion. Here's the current community's JavaOne week presentations schedule...
on May 31, 2009
The Spotlight area in the right column of the front page is being used to highlight JavaOne related news as the conference proceeds. Here's what has been spotlighted thus far: Sid just published a schedule of OpenSSO events during JavaOne week: "Join us Sunday May 31st, for OpenSSO Community Day at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It's our 'unconference' before the main conference...
on May 30, 2009
I'm not sure how I got this job, but apparently I'm supposed to find all the JavaOne parties. This year was harder, and it seems there will be very few opportunities to cage free drinks from eager PR people. Oh well, I intended to go to a lot of BOFs anyway. So, here's the skinny on parties, feel free to add any I don't know about in the comments section, below: Sunday As part of the...
on May 29, 2009
Choices, many choices and so little time. JavaOne has hundreds of sessions, BOFS, and labs. There's no way to do it all, although many of you will try. Plan well, and use the JavaOne session schedule builder to make the most of your time. Of course, your selections will be different, but here's my list of Top 10 Sessions that I must attend at JavaOne (in no particular order): TS-...
on May 29, 2009
I'd like to write a blog and/or post a schedule of presentations, panel sessions, and BOFs that will be given/led by members of the community. If you're a member of the community (for example, you lead or participate in a project or a community) and you'll be giving a technical session, participating on a panel, or leading a BOF, leave a comment below, and I...
on May 27, 2009
Five days to the number one Java conference in the world, including the Moscone effervescent Pavilion, smart people, marketing, music, sandwiches, and a full week of opportunities to make business and to have fun. As usual, I am going to San Francisco looking for the best offerings of JavaONE regarding Java knowledge, and of course I have my own pack of spices to expose over there. During the...
on May 25, 2009
This year I'm trying something new: using google's calendar, synced via Apple iCal, to publish my planned sessions for JavaOne 2009. Here's what I have so far. Technorati Tags: edburns
on May 18, 2009
There is a definite increase in the number of people expressing, as Terrence Barr has, that JavaOne 2009 is "approaching too fast." I'm certainly feeling that way, finding myself starting to look at BART information on getting from San Francisco International Airport to my hotel, studying the Community Corner schedule and researching the people who will be speaking or providing one-on-one...
on May 12, 2009
As in previous years, Java University is offering 2009 JavaOne Conference Pass and Java U Pass holders an impressive array of classes led by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. The classes, due to start on Sunday, May 31, cover numerous topics, including JavaFX, Java EE 5 and 6 and Java ME platforms, JavaServer Faces technology, SOA, Web 2.0, JRuby and Rails, Groovy and Grails, GlassFish...
on May 4, 2009
A lot of people will be at JavaOne 2009, but due to the present economy, there are a lot of other people who wish they could attend, but can't. For this reason, I'd like to create a " JavaOne 2009 Twitter network" -- wherein people who would like to follow the events at JavaOne 2009 via Twitter will be able to "follow" a group of people who have the good fortune to actually be there....
on May 3, 2009
As the weeks remaining before JavaOne and the CommunityOne open developer conference dwindle, planning for community-related activities is accellerating. For example, the Mobile & Embedded Community just announced that they will be featuring a Lighting Talk BOF session. The session ID is BOF-6731, and the event will take place on Wednesday evening, June 3, from 6:45 to 7:35....
on Apr 28, 2009
I should be ashamed. But I'll do it again this year regardless. I'm begging for a JavaOne pass. I'm not asking for a free handout, not exactly. Instead, here's the deal: You provide a full JavaOne conference pass. I provide blogging and coverage of JavaOne, your product, or your events here on during the JavaOne week. You provide the JavaOne pass, and I'll do the writing each day of...
on Apr 22, 2009
In the past couple weeks we've featured lots of news about the scheduling of developer events at this year's JavaOne Conference. In today's blogs, Roberto Chinnici announces the JavaOne 2009 Script Bowl Call for Proposals. The actual session for the script bowl is PAN-5348, "Scripting Bowl 2009: A Scripting Languages Shootout." But what kind of script must you write if you participate? Finding...
on Apr 14, 2009
I help organize the JavaOne conference, working with a team of about a dozen people to review talks for the Next Generation Web track - which covers Web 2.0 stuff, cloud computing, JavaScript on the web client, Comet, REST, that sort of thing. You know, all the really good stuff that you want to see. Every year, we have a problem - too many good talks in some areas, not enough good talks in...
on Dec 4, 2008
My colleague Judith Lilienfeld did the MC honors at this year's NetBeans Day in San Francisco. I'm amazed that this went by and did not get blogged about, so I'll have to do the ungainly honors... The demo of the morning was using JasperReports iReport plug-in to create a report with pie charts based on a database, without writing any code. The Saturday before NetBeans Day, my colleague Brian...
on Jun 3, 2008
Do check out the presentations for JavaOne 2008. They are all in PDF, organized by subject: Cool Stuff, Java SE, Java EE, and so forth. Only a very few presentations are missing, I heard, and they will be available soon. A ton of expertise and insight is reflected in the presentations. I, for one, will dive in soon.
on May 30, 2008
This is the fourth installment in my summary of the sessions I attended at JavaOne this year. The previous installments covered Java futures, Java programming practice, and concurrency. This one covers JMX stuff. Once again, the titles here are not always the ones that appear in the conference programme. I tried to undo the mangling that...
on May 28, 2008
This is the third installment in my summary of the sessions I attended at JavaOne this year. The previous installments covered Java futures and Java programming practice. This one covers concurrency. Once again, the titles here are not always the ones that appear in the conference programme. I tried to undo the mangling that the Trademark Police...
on May 27, 2008