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JavaOne started for me today with the Glassfish Community Event. It was a nice opportunity to meet the Glassfish Development Team as well as people I have interacted with but not met in person until today. The event, as well as the community party afterwards, had more people than last year. That is also my perception for the entire conference: there are more people attending this year than in the...
on Oct 2, 2011
Once again, I got a blogging pass to JavaOne—my fifth year as the intrepid reporter at JavaOne, and my 15th JavaOne attendance. Sadly, that wasn't enough to get me the coveted Alumni badge—my email address wasn't in the right Oracle database, and showing my previous conference blogs didn't impress the conference staff. I complained to Sharat Chander, the marketing person at Oracle who...
on Oct 2, 2011
You may have noticed that our home page suddenly looks different: the centerpiece is a long column of JavaOne-related blog posts. This is a JavaOne tradition that dates back I don't know exactly how far -- but I have the feeling it was in place for at least several JavaOne's that preceded my first as editor (2009). With JavaOne 2011 rapidly accelerating into full...
on Oct 2, 2011
With JavaOne 2011 imminent, we have a new poll that provides you the opportunity to predict what the most important news from JavaOne will be (if you vote beforehand), or voice your opinion on what the most important news was (if you vote after the conference ends). The poll options were selected with reference to the description of Monday morning's JavaOne Technical Keynote. So, what...
on Oct 1, 2011
I had originally planned to write a blog post per day during JavaOne 2010. That being my first JavaOne I was of course completely unprepared for the hectic routine of sessions, meetings, parties and more sessions. I wrote blog posts in the first two days and disappeared ever since. I am alive, well, and back to Brazil. I had a terrific time in San Francisco where I got to meet a lot of...
on Oct 7, 2010
The call for papers for JavaOne 2010 Brazil is open! Do not miss the chance! To submit, fill the form at: (portuguese) or (english). Tracks:   1. Core Java Platform   2. Desktop Java   3. Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies   4. Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud...
on Sep 28, 2010


It's that time of year again.  I've got a few last minute things to pack and then I'm headed off to Oracle HQ to pick up my badge, the airport to pick up my trusty sidekick, Tonya, and then on to the Hilton in Union Square.  Officially, JavaOne doesn't start until Sunday, and a lot of people won't get here until Monday.  For us, it starts tonight.  Kevin Farnham, our editor,...
on Sep 30, 2011
var headID = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]; var cssNode = document.createElement('link');cssNode.type = 'text/css';cssNode.rel = 'stylesheet';cssNode.href = ''; = 'screen';headID.appendChild(cssNode);Here is my session presentation and attendence plan for JavaOne 2011. Sunday, October 2 1:00pm  ME More...
on Sep 28, 2011
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on Sep 21, 2010


A few months ago James Gosling turned up at Liquid Robotics. Liquid Robotics designs robots called Wave Gliders that collect sensor data while wandering the seas. Rowboat sized, they raft along on the surface propelled by an underwater sled which translates vertical wave action into thrust. Solar powered, they are self-sufficient and able travel thousands of miles while transmitting data....
on Sep 22, 2011


Working together with Duke Award winner and Java Champion Fabiane Nardon and the also Duke Award Winner and NetBeans Dream Team member Sven Reimers I have presented talks that discusses the Future Java Developer, the most recent ones in JavaOne Brasil and JFokus. Admittedly, we are not particularly visionaries, and our "future" is pretty grounded on experience today. Although during...
on Mar 2, 2011


Surely one of the biggest announcements at JavaOne 2010 was the new roadmap for JavaFX, laying out the journey towards a 2.0 release that will be radically different from what had gone before -- not so much evolution, as total revolution. While the details, when they arrived, contained a fair few surprises, the overall radical nature of the roadmap was not totally unexpected; many had suspected...
on Sep 24, 2010
The biggest announcement - and the biggest surprise for many - of JavaOne 2010 was certainly Oracle's new plans for JavaFX 2.0... or, should we say, Swing 2.0? The history of JavaFX has been contentious since its beginning, when it was clear that FX was a new toolkit, even a new platform, while most people in the brave Swing community wanted a "Swing 2.0". Well, this is basically what...
on Sep 23, 2010
I mentioned during my BOF at JavaOne a new component that is close to ready for moving into SwingX: JXScrollMap. Part of the way that SwingX works is that members first join the incubator project. Members contribute ideas to the incubator, flesh them out, and eventually bring them into SwingX. The incubator contains lots of stuff from really mature ideas to things that aren't. Some of the ideas...
on Sep 22, 2010
The SwingLabs BOF had a good number of attendees (more than last year I believe).  Jan and I focused the update on SwingX, but did speak about JXLayer some. We also announced the release of version 1.6.2.  As promised, I have uploaded the presentation. All in all, I think it has been a very positive convention for SwingX (so far).  I spoke about SwingLabs/SwingX at the end of...
on Sep 21, 2010