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And so, after months of dormancy, I resurrect this blog (and my personal blog, "Married... with children", too -- this entry is cross-posted there.) Why did it die? Pragmatic Ajax. I can assure you, all of us involved in authoring that little piece of sh^H^H, err, high-quality-Ajax-reference-material-available-soon-at-a-bookstore-near-you (did I just make a ^H joke?) have made blood oaths to talk...
on Feb 4, 2006
On Friday, January 20, I made a few Java developers very, very happy people. The Program Committee finalized their selections for the Technical Sessions for this year's JavaOne. We accepted 145 sessions (so far.) Additionally, 35 sessions were selected as alternates. I ended my week by sending out email notifications to those speakers, telling them the good news and setting in motion a...
on Jan 23, 2006
It isn't holiday excitement that I am experiencing right now, but the thrill of having nearly 1400 papers to review for the 2006 JavaOne Conference. You've heard of the "hockey stick" effect - the steep upturn in revenue or sales as a fiscal period nears a close? I've never witnessed anything quite like this. The Call for Papers opened on November 1, 2005. The deadline was November 30, 2005: one...
on Dec 7, 2005
(Cross-posted on Married... with children) There are two experiences in my life that caused me such embarassment that though years have passed, when I reflect back upon them for more than a few seconds, I find myself subconciously curling up into the fetal position with a pained expression burned into my face. These are not those experiences. But, they are experiences that were embarassing at the...
on Nov 19, 2005
Project Looking Glass must have a special appeal in Japan. Although the project gets plenty of attention in the U.S., it seems especially popular in Japan. This particular project is responsible for attracting standing-only crowds to at least two hands on labs, a couple sessions, and finally a late night Birds of a Feather (BOF). Thinking the crowds would be thinner, I attended the 8 PM BOF on...
on Nov 12, 2005
Hands on labs were quite popular at JavaOne Tokyo. This particular lab taught how to use EJB 3.0. Many of the labs were filled to capacity. Below, the instructor guides his class through a programming example: One of the most popular labs was for Project Looking Glass. In fact, the Project Looking Glass labs were so popular that they required not one but two separate sessions to handle all the...
on Nov 11, 2005
I just got off stage at JavaOne Japan, where I was talking about Open Source - the philosophy, the community, the reality. After the talk I was asked how important the union of open source and Java could be. I referred to Tim O'Reilly's Radar presentation at OSCON where he talked about the up-tick in Java books that happened at the end of 2005. He said: A lot of this growth spurt occurred shortly...
on Nov 9, 2005
I'll quickly jump to the most interesting part of the Keynote this morning (Nov 9), the special guests. The guests were Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter. Not only has Joshua contributed great things directly to the Java language and platform, but he has become a respected author as well. Josh spoke about optical illusions and why we see them. He showed several optical illusion illustrations. He...
on Nov 9, 2005
On a recent trip to the restroom at the Tokyo International Forum, I was reminded about accessibility. Having been trained well (thanks Mom!), I always wash my hands after visiting the restroom for any reason. However, doing so in a public restroom is almost always frustrating because...well, I'm short and when I reach up to grab a paper towel, the water runs down my arms. No luck with air dryers...
on Nov 8, 2005
After the rather somber response to the keynotes this morning (Nov 8/Tokyo), I was pleasantly surprised to hear the impressed (but still rather quiet) oohs and aahs from the crowd as Hans Muller (left) and Scott Violet (right) wowed us with visual Swing demos. The session, entitled Extreme GUI Makeover, Episode 1: Lookin' Good was amazing. I realized that one's imagination is the only limiting...
on Nov 8, 2005
Java SE Roadmaps, John Pampuch John Pampuch, Director of Java SE Software engineering outlined some of his team's activities. Here are a few of his comments, summarized of course: Name simplification. The Java product names have been changing. The new names are simpler. In summary, Sun will remove the "2" from all names. J2SE will be Java SE, J2ME becomes Java ME, and J2EE will become Java EE....
on Nov 7, 2005
Just in time for the opening keynote, a Forum for JavaOne Tokyo 2005 is now available. Everyone is invited to contribute to the forum, whether you're attending in person or not. Go take a look, share a thought, ask a question, post an answer
on Nov 7, 2005
Jeff Jackson, Greg Sporar, and others played to a tough crowd, but I think the message about NetBeans got across even if the jokes or short skits didn't. In the end, the message I got was this: NetBeans has come a long way very quickly, and there's no slowing it down. Everyone has their favorite editor, so I can't expect to change many opinions here. However, just to keep yourself up-to-date with...
on Nov 7, 2005
You haven't missed out on any of the actual conference yet. The conference officially starts tomorrow, Nov 8. However, if you want to get a quick start on things, you can stop in on the NetBeans Software Day WorldTour. When: Today, Nov 7 @ 13:00 (Tokyo Local Time) Where: Tokyo International Forum Hall B5 Cost: in free beer Registration:
on Nov 6, 2005
I'm not a geek, I'm not a geek, I'm not a geek. However, in preparation for JavaOne I have to get a USB cable to connect my digital camera to my want pictures with these blogs, right? So the natural idea that comes to mind is to hit the stores in Akihabara. If I can't find a USB cable or a Secure Digital (SD) card reader there, then I have to assume that USB cables or SD cards no longer...
on Nov 5, 2005
Trying to find your way around the International Forum? Use this TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM Map to find out just how lost your are.
on Nov 5, 2005
Are you aware of this win-win? Multimedia sessions from 2005 JavaOne are now available--for free--to Sun Developer Network (SDN) members. Each session includes the speaker's audio track, slides, and text transcripts. SDN memberships are free and easy to sign up for. Already an SDN member? Just log in and go to JavaOne Online.
on Nov 4, 2005
Several weeks ago, I booked my hotel room using a fancy, online reservation system. Everything looked great. Good area in Shibuya with a room overlooking Shinjuku, just minutes from the Shibuya station. After an unusual panic attack, I decided to actually call (after all these years with email, I can still use the telephone) the hotel to confirm my reservation. "Hello, this is John. I would like...
on Nov 3, 2005
Beginning Nov 8, you can attend the keynote addresses...apparently for free if you happen to be in the area. Here's the line-up: Date/Time Who What Nov 8, 10:00 - 12:00 Mark Hapner, J2EEの父 (Father of J2EE) and SOA "Key Person" Technical Keynote Nov 9, 9:30 - 12:00 Jeff Jackson, J2EE General ManagerAlan Brenner, J2ME General ManagerJosh Bloch, Guest Speaker Keynote Address Nov 10, 9...
on Nov 2, 2005