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It's that time again... JavaOne time. What? Barely over the parties from last year? That's ok - it's in May. But meetings are starting to determine the content for May, and I thought I'd write a quick blog to ask - what do *you* want to see at JavaOne in May? I'm working on web track (again), so web related suggestions are especially appreciated. My current thought - we're going to have...
on Sep 1, 2006
One of the things I enjoy about fatherhood is being, for however brief a period, somewhat of an authority on life. Well, thanks to Duke, the appearance of parental infallibility has come to an early end. Ever since JavaOne 2006 (where I got this nice green shirt), I've had to deal with all kinds of questions from my four and two year old daughters: Girls: "Daddy, what's that on your shirt?" Me...
on Aug 30, 2006
A new sample is added to WSIT samples that shows an enterprise Web service enabling integration both within and across boundaries. This sample demonstrates a price quotation service that provides list price to clients based on the product identifiers. The client makes a request to a Retail Quote Service (RQS)  which then communicates with multiple Wholesale Quote Service (WQS) to get the...
on Aug 7, 2006
So many people came to JavaOne wrapup seminar held in Seoul, Korea on 8 July. It was organized as small scale(100 people expected) by Sun Korea, but I guess more than 200 people came in. I think it was so popular because this seminar covers most interesting topics in this year JavaOne - Java SE 6, Java EE 5, EJB3, Ajax and Scripting language. My session was about "GlassFish, EJB 3.0 and Java...
on Jul 10, 2006
Like all of Sun US, I was off last week, so I apologize if this was already mentioned (and I missed it), but the JavaOne Tech Sessions for 2006 are now online. Enjoy.
on Jul 10, 2006
So although this year was the first year that I missed in string of successive JavaOne's, I thought I would share a recent email exchange from one my compatriots in the Java community who was a registered speaker. I've generalized this story for obvious reasons... I was laughing because I got reviewed as a speaker for the BOF even though I wasn't there .... What had me really weirded out was...
on Jul 6, 2006
On 8 July there will be JavaOne 2006 wrapup seminar in Seoul hosted by Sun and Korean community JCO(Java Community Org.). The agenda is as follows. 14:00 Introduction (JCO VP Sanghoon Ok) 14:10 [Session 1] JavaOne Highlights-Java technologies Roadmap: JavaEE 5, JavaSE 6,7 (Java Champion Sooyeol Yang) 14:50 [Session 2] EJB 3.0, Java Persistence API and Open JavaEE GlassFish (TmaxSoft Wonseok...
on Jun 25, 2006
This year JavaOne finished and it left lots of information which will be useful for a long time. As I review it I arranged technical sessions related to EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence. Here I write brief introduction and summary of them. There are also links to those presentation files. TS-3396 EJB 3.0 Specification (Linda DeMichiel) Linda is JSR 220(EJB 3.0) spec lead and she covered EJB 3.0...
on Jun 9, 2006
View Sun and Microsoft on Project Tango at Sun Developer Network Channel (SDN). SDN caught me and Kirill at the Microsoft pod in the JavaOne 2006 pavilion and talked to us about Project Tango and how developers can have access to this content. If interested in the content, you can view the video cast from 28:35 through 31:09. Technorati: Javaone WSIT Tango Microsoft Web Services...
on May 31, 2006
Read a brief summary of my talk (TS-5540, Making Java
on May 30, 2006
I posted the list of sessions and labs as part of Project Tango in JavaOne 2006 earlier.  It indeed got a lot of attention during JavaOne this year (see further down). I posted a collection of articles talking about Sun and Microsoft Web services interoperability effort earlier. Here is another article published on ZDNet Japan covering Project Tango and how it has fully embraced the keywords...
on May 30, 2006
The three top contestants in the 2006 JavaOne Conference Slot Car Racing Programming Challenge got their last chance to win the
on May 24, 2006
At the Friday morning keynote, 5/19/06, James Gosling talked with Sun Distinguished Engineer Greg Bollella about Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ).
on May 23, 2006
StarOffice and PDF versions of my J1 session (TS-5540, Making Java
on May 23, 2006
Brian Chess's JavaOne talk (TS-1660, "Twelve Java
on May 19, 2006
It's the last day at JavaOne 2006. The Sun General Session just ended. I've still got a full day of technical sessions that I am looking forward to. Here is brief overview: Scott McNealy was in rare form in today's general session as he talked about his new post CEO life with a good dose of humor. And as we've all come to expect from Scott he had a top 10 list, this time "The 10 Best Things...
on May 19, 2006
So, as I've mentioned too often, I'm on the Program Committee for JavaOne. One thing we'll do is have a Lessons Learned meeting, and I want to be ready - so I thought I'd throw out my ideas for what worked and what didn't, and ask for a little help in working on my list. Here's your chance to kvetch with me! First, what worked: I thought the talks pretty much rocked. Now, prehaps I'm a...
on May 19, 2006
One of my lessons-learned from JavaOne is the importance of choosing the right data access. I try to preach using the right tool for the right job and didn't realize that in my mind I had made Hibernate the choice for all data access. Two talks by Cameron Purdy helped me expose my inner-hypocrisy. TS-1402,"Essential Lessons of Distributed Caching" Details | Slides TS-5397,"The Top 10 Ways to...
on May 19, 2006
Grid computing is getting a fair amount of press these days. Some of you may be familiar with Sun Grid and the compute-server project on In a technical session today, Van Simmons, Sean Merrit and James Gammill have contributed their own unique grid architecture and coining the term "Flash-Gridding" to describe it. They claim that grid computing, in general, is too difficult. The idea...
on May 18, 2006
On Tuesday, at the very end of the JavaOne 2006 Technical Keynote, we demonstrated Project Phobos for the first time in front of an external (i.e. non-Sun) audience. The reception was very warm, as confirmed by a number of great conversations we've since had with conference attendees. Project Phobos is investigating the use of scripting languages in the Java web tier. Currently, we are focused on...
on May 18, 2006