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Nice music. No network. Blog as if there was one... Every year they don't start this on time, and every year I show up on time anyway. Every year they do something interesting with the music. Sometimes more interesting than music, but this year definitely not. World fusion (isn't all music these days?). Ah, the lights dim, time (one assumes) to see the promo intro. Yup, promo intro....
on May 16, 2006
A clue for the folks who run this conference: When I run into someone I've met at last year's JavaOne, what's the first thing I want from the conference badge? Let me give you a hint: it isn't to see whether they have the same X-Ray of a cell phone that every other attendee has. This may come as a surprise, but trust me on this. I want to know their freakin' name. I'm particularly bad at...
on Jun 28, 2005
On behalf of a friend: When you leave a BOF early, can you please close the door quietly? It seems basic courtesy to those left behind. As a counter-courtesy, maybe speakers at BOFs where there is no amplification could repeat questions? Next: Which fork do you use to skewer an ignorant speaker?
on Jun 27, 2005
So we begin again. Another JavaOne. The place has certainly calmed down. Which is to be expected. The first JavaOne was at the rush of the .com boom. Everything was new, everyone was doing business with everyone else, new ideas, new possibilities. Every corner hid a new frisson. You felt you could just live off the vibes. By now it's much more staid. After all, Java isn't this amazing...
on Jun 27, 2005
Okay, James breaks the spell, as always: Someone who isn't a major Sun partner gets up on the stage.... Three someones. But don't do this to us next time. So much stuff up front put James really late. And James is the most interesting. I'm watchin people drift out, and the hall is getting to be emptier, but that's because this has been going as a single session for 2.5 hours so far, and...
on Jun 11, 2003
Okay, they found a funny engineer. How likely was that? The announcement of HP's agreement to put Java on all their Windows boxes is both cool and nearly predictable. Disk space is free, after all. Someone was going to decide that the "value add" of putting Java in the box was worth the small incremental cost. (By the way, didn't Jonathan Schwartz say Dell make it so all their boxes "can"...
on Jun 11, 2003
This is getting ridiculous, although in a vaguely amusing way. Instead of merely reserving seats at the keynote for the alumni, today they hold the new folks behind ropes until the alums have found their way to their seats. So we few, we chosen few, walk past these "serfs" on the way into the keynote. I mean, really. What message does that send? If watching it from the cheap seats was...
on Jun 10, 2003
Try to check everything out. Sleep is optional. This is JavaOne, after all. No, really, try it. I admit that, since the first JavaOne, the meeting has become less of a whirlwind, more predictable, more, er, mature shall we say. But it started with all the dot-com liftoff energy, and this means that "mature" is a relative thing. When you're starting from London, being in Amsterdam is on...
on Jun 9, 2003