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Thursday was an interesting day, but tiring. The third day of a conference always seems to be the roughest in terms of comfort level. One or all of the following is guaranteed to be aching at any given time: Feet: From standing around talking to people or waiting in line Back: From lugging around the asymptotically increasing contents of your backpack Butt: From sitting on those innocent-...
on May 9, 2008
I don't get to do a lot of whizzy graphical stuff in my day-to-day work. I mostly do the typical back-end, multi-threaded server kind of thing. I spend most of my time thinking about API design, framework architecture, robustness, correctness and so on. I blogged yesterday about some excellent sessions that address those sorts of concerns. But I also like to look into other interesting...
on May 8, 2008
The big announcements today were centered around JavaFX and Blu-Ray, as expected. Neil Young was entertaining (I guess that's not surprising, he is an entertainer after all). There was the usual execu-speak about initiative-this and monetize-that. OK, fine. Whatever. I focused today on fundamentals - specifically code correctness. First up was a talk by Josh Bloch, More Effective Java,...
on May 7, 2008
Yesterday I attended Brian Goetz' Effective Concurrency For Java and today I went to the companion session Testing Concurrent Java. Both build on topics from Brian's excellent book, Java Concurrency in Practice, which first went on sale one year ago, right here at JavaOne. Listening to these two sessions and chatting with a few folks here at the show, I'm more convinced than ever that...
on May 10, 2007
I've attended every JavaOne since 2002, which makes this my sixth in a row. It was in 2002 that I wrote Java NIO during that oddly quiet time following three roaring years of Internet frenzy. Java was king of the mountain and its future seemed brighter than ever. I was deep into Java and wasn't interested in anything else. But 2002 was a year when many things changed. It was the year when it...
on May 7, 2007