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I received a survey invitation from the JavaONE organizers yesterday. I clicked through the link included in the message and began selecting choices 1-5 or NA on all their questions. Ugh. It was frustrating. It isn't just that all surveys are frustrating to me (though it sometimes seems so). This one bugged me because I just didn't believe they would be able to draw the conclusions I wanted them...
on Jul 21, 2005
It is the last day and I make the long trek home in the morning. I had a great time and learned a lot at this year's JavaONE. This will be my last blog from the city by the bay and I hope all you have enjoyed the show and my comments on it. Below are my parting shots for JavaONE 2005. Thanks for listening! -- Scott JavaONE's tradition of putting James Gosling center stage on the last day,...
on Jun 30, 2005
Day three of JavaONE was a gas. Not because of the keynote, though. As I'm not connected with the mobile phone industry, I confess I spaced through the keynote and used the time to catch up on my mail and plan my day. Wireless access throughout the JavaONE grounds is a tremendous boon. Yes, it would drop me once in a while but for the most part I was able to stay connected and keep up with mail...
on Jun 29, 2005
I'm renewing my passport. The process is pretty easy: you send your old passport, along with a couple of new pictures and a completed form (plus $60) to some place in Pennsylvania and, at least in theory, you get back a new one. Filling out the form was the sticky point with me. I got to the point where it said hair color and I began to write brown out of habit. I then glanced at the pictures...
on Jun 29, 2005
Tuesday's keynote was hosted by Scott McNealy. I was fortunate enough to be able to work at Sun for over 3 years in the Jini group prior to getting a call from my friends at Verocel and moving there. I always enjoyed Scott's town meetings in the Burlington (Massachusetts) campus. His easy and irreverent style works for me. A couple of things stood out at this general session. First as the...
on Jun 28, 2005
Day one has come to a close. Though there are about 14,000 15,000 people attending the event, it is still pretty easy to simply bump into old acquaintances. Even before entering the Moscone Center, while standing in the alumni line, Greg Wonderly spotted me and said hello. Greg is well known in the Jini community and an all-around good guy. While wandering around on the show floor I nearly ran...
on Jun 27, 2005
The general session kicking off the conference has finished prompting a seemingly endless stream of attendees flowing into the bag lunch area, each wearing the conference-issued and ubiquitous Java-branded backpack. It seems as though I'm one of the rebels opting to carry my Brenthaven backpack that was specially designed to safely carry my 17" PowerBook. I'm a creature of habit and there is...
on Jun 27, 2005
C|Net had a story the other day that spurred a thought I'd not had in a while: where is the Java chip? I had hoped to see some sessions on such a notion in the JavaONE sessions list but no such luck. Here's the teaser clip from that C|Net story: Sources familiar with the company's plans said BEA will announce at the JavaOne trade show that it's working on a version of JRockit--its virtual...
on Jun 27, 2005
My large frame does not like airline seats. At about 6 foot 8, my head towers over the back of the seat making the typical Iowa-to-Nevada nap most people enjoy on a cross-country flight like this impossible for me. Still, the hours of uninterrupted time (no phones, no email, no IM) means I can have a chance to catch up on what's new in the Java world. So, before getting on the airplane I thought...
on Jun 26, 2005