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Monday First, a couple of quick hits - EJB 3.0 support seems to clocking along - TopLink will support EJB 3.0 (sept/oct final?). Other vendors seem to be moving in the same direction. Based on the EJB 3.0 talks so far, it looks like some of the concerns from last year (e.g. annotations aren't the end-all-be-all, splitting the spec up to be more manageable) are now folded in. Still feels like a...
on Jun 29, 2005
Tomorrow marks the start of the tenth JavaOne. Having attended every single JavaOne, it's a little disorienting (disturbing?) to think that it's now a decade old. It looks like the advice for this period includes such pearls of wisdom as "the 10-year-old is very social," and "this may be a relatively calm period," and that the ten-year-old "is concerned about rules." At first blush, the question...
on Jun 25, 2005
I've found that one of my favorite places is the exhibitor floor. I've found that a lot of the information in sessions I'm able to find online or in books, but when it comes to rapidly learning about what's going on, nothing seems to beat the pavilion floor. (Exhibitor list). My first tip of the show to any and all exhibitors - if you make a "business integration solution," good luck. There...
on Jun 12, 2003
So, tomorrow is the unofficial first day of JavaOne. Having been to every single JavaOne since it started (and NetscapeOne a year prior), it's become something of a ritual to spend a week in summer at the Moscone. Several things have changed for the better. First and foremost, the Sony Metreon next door means that one can get decent food during the show without having to catch a cab. Second, I...
on Jun 8, 2003